The Human Complications Of Global Warming

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Global warming is a controversial issue that has often been argued about. It is something that affects every living things on earth. It is not something new, it is an issue that has been happening for a long time. Scientists have different argument about the issue on its cause, but they all seem to agree on its effects. It has a lot of impacts to argue about and it has a wide range of impacts. Some of the main impacts are covered throughout the paper. Humans way of life affect the cause of global warming hugely. It is damaging the living things on earth, including humans.

The human contribution of global warming is a part of the cause of the increase in temperature in a short span of time. Greenhouse warming is the gases that trap the heat
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It is very expected, and nature does show its symptoms. One of the first and most important symptom is extreme heat, when it is too hot to handle. Although the hot european summer of 2003 was a disaster, it is not necessary to bring a disaster. In the words of researcher Robert Henson, “long string of hot days combined with unusually steamy nights [...] [and] cities that were built for cooler times” (Henson 45). Heat is one of the first symptoms commonly known among most people. There have been symptoms of global warming in the past, and there will definitely be in the future. Global warming does have other symptoms such as floods and droughts. Floods destroy agriculture and it affects all species of living things, most species wouldn’t have a place to live since, it is filled with water. On the other hand, there are droughts, the lack of water also affects agriculture, humans and especially aquatics are in great danger. According to Henson, “higher temperatures not only allow more rain producing moisture to enter the atmosphere- they also suck more water out where it hasn’t been raining” (59). Both floods and droughts are mere symptoms of the global climate change. But, it doesn’t stop there, another symptom is big melting. It has been noted that big melting in the arctic as one of the symptoms. Henson confirms that, “experts believe the twenty-first century will likely bring a summer when the arctic ocean is entirely …show more content…
The society has to be ready for that. The rising water is one of the problems that they have to prepare for. It is said that there are three stages of adaptations communities might take, first building coastal defenses such as dikes. Second is the building of flood proof structures and the use of floating agricultural systems. Third is building temporary seawalls and evacuating if necessary (Mann, Kump 149). Adapting to climate change is most important at this stage, because temperatures are already rising in a short span of time, adaption should be done before prevention methods. The second most problematic situation is managing water for floods and droughts. Around the world today population is rising, floods and droughts are increasing, and the demand for water is rising as well. All species need water, humans need water, plants and trees need water. Communities need a way to preserve water in this situation for everyone and everything. Professors Mann and Kump explains that, “adaptation procedures include the development of seawater desalination, the expansion of reservoirs and rainwater storage facilities, and improvements in water-use efficiency and agricultural irrigation practices” (150-151). This water management strategies will help the communities a whole lot to adapt to the situation. One of the other problem is food, the society needs to protect their food sources in

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