The Causes And Effects Of Global Warming Over The World

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Over the past century, global warming has become a major concern to environmentalist and people worldwide. The warming of Earth’s atmosphere and land have started to make itself present to many. In 2016, Earth’s global surface temperature is approximated to rise 1.3 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels (Le Page,1). Throughout the last century, it’s become evident to what has led to the increase in the warming of Earth. Much of the warming on Earth has been caused by the increased abundance of carbon in the atmosphere. With the world population growing, many of the forest and trees are being cut down to build residence and service buildings. The process of cutting down trees leads to carbon being released into the atmosphere by machinery, however much release of carbon comes from the burning of the trees. Without these trees less carbon is captured and “if you don’t replant, the released greenhouse go into the …show more content…
Many Americans believe that we are not the cause of what’s accelerating the Earth’s downfall. According to Michael Ranney, “If you don’t understand the mechanism, then you just have competing authorities, kind of like the Pope and Galileo. (PBS). Ranney believed that if global warming could not be proven by a mechanism, it did not exist, but this is not the case. Dan Kahan, stated that “declaring a position on the issue can become more a statement of cultural identity than one of scientific understanding” (PBS). Kahan believes that one only states their position of global warming to fit in with the rest of their community, that there is no scientific evidence behind it. However, there is scientific evidence that proves the rising atmospheric temperature leading to the warming of the Earth and melting of glaciers. The Earth is warming at a rate that is almost irreversible causing more than half of glaciers and ice caps that have been proven by the rise of our

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