Are Humans Causing Global Warming Essay

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Are humans causing global warming? For the past fifty years these questions are being asked more and more by scientists who believe that the Earth’s climate is getting steadily warmer at a frightening rate. Earth 's ever-changing climate has seized the attention of scientists whom would have world accept that without a great change to human behavior, the world will end up destroyed. However, scientists are using unreliable information from unreliable sources, as well as scientists do not have the adequate information to make such claims. The popular belief about humans primarily causing global warming is erroneous and unsupported by science. What is global warming? Global warming is when carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases collect in the atmosphere and trap sunlight and radiation from the sun. The radiation normally would leak back into space after hitting the planet’s surface, but due to the greenhouse gases in the air they are trapping the heat inside the atmosphere. One of the many causes of the production of carbon dioxide is the burning of fossil fuels to make electricity (MacMillan). Scientists have attempted to gather data to show that humans are the leading cause of global warming. Data Since 1880, data has revealed that since 1880 the average temperature has risen by 1.4 …show more content…
Every year since 2000 has been in the top twenty years on record. Another fact is there have been record snow, ice, and record cold temperatures in the past sixteen years. There would not be any of those if greenhouse gases were the problem. The climate would continue to get hotter, and say good-bye to colder temperatures. Humans are producing greenhouse gases, and global warming is happening, but that does not mean the facts are interconnected. Global warming happens, climate changes are natural and the climate will always fluctuate. The carbon dioxide in the air isn’t going to make much of a difference

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