Rhetorical Analysis: Rhetorical Analysis On Anthropogenic Global Warming

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Rhetorical Analysis on Anthropogenic Global Warming
The general public depends on media the for information and accepts it as a valid source. The news articles that we regularly read contain information that is highly disputed. Anthropogenic global warming is a major topic that gets many comments and views from people all over the world. The information presented in the articles might fail to persuade their readers, or give proper evidence, and may give opinions based on emotion. In this paper, I will analyze the rhetorical strategies used by two news articles. The first article is titled, “Phoenix will be Almost Unlivable by 2050 Thanks to Climate Change,” written by Mike Pearl. The second is “‘Global Warming the Greatest Scam in History’ Claims Founder of Weather Channel,” written by Jason Taylor. In this paper, I will analyze these articles, provide the readers with a proper understanding of them, and do a rhetorical analysis of them explaining the rhetorical strategies used, and pointing out the fallacies committed.
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Simply, it is the rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate, and we can’t deny the fact that the Earth’s temperature is increasing. Even a minimum rise in temperature of the earth’s climate has catastrophic effects. Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases which trap the sun rays inside the earth’s atmosphere, increasing the temperature on earth. As mentioned in a quote, “Human activities have added greenhouse gases to the atmosphere” (National Academy of Sciences B2) science proves human activities are the main cause of global warming. But, there have also been comments arguing that human activities are not the cause of climate change. And with the debate if global warming is anthropogenic or not, we are still facing it effects and we can’t deny it seeing the current natural disasters and

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