Why Is Global Warming A Hoax

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Kyle Duggan
Mr. Kinnear
English 10
5 June 2017

Global Warming, is it valid or a hoax? There are many things happening and changing on Earth, that some people think are invalid. Global warming is one of the major problems that has been brought up in the 21st century. Global warming is the general rise in temperatures around the globe, generally due to the greenhouse effect. Many scientist believe that human production of greenhouse gasses and carbon dioxide are the cause of this great problem facing the world today. Some think that Global Warming is a hoax, and that it a natural change on Earth. The public opinion on the causes of Global Warming sways more toward Human activities, with the support of 60% of people, 35% think it is caused
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Contoski, Edmund. "Global Warming Is a Myth." Global Warming
Some people say that the general warmth of Earth’s temperatures is beneficial.
Agricultural productivity is also reduced by cold climate, not a warmer one. That's why Siberia and Alaska are not noted for agricultural abundance. A warmer climate would mean longer growing seasons and would make agriculture possible in areas where it isn't today. And there are at least 300 studies showing plants and forests grow faster and more luxuriantly under conditions of increased carbon dioxide. This effect would be canceled out by the melting of ice, which would increase sea levels, which could lead to the flooding of farmland.“,,,Mankind’s contribution to it(Carbon Output) is minuscule(Contoski)”. As explained previously, there is 900 years of data, suggesting that the Earth is getting warmer over time, and has spiked recently due to human output of Carbon Dioxide.
Contoski, Edmund. "Global Warming Is a Myth." Global
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