Vocal Function Exercises (VFE) By Joseph Stemple Case Study

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Vocal Function Exercises (VFE) by Joseph Stemple Purpose:
The Vocal Function Exercises (VFE) was invented by Joseph Stemple. The purpose of VFE is to balance the subsystems of voice production in order to improve and enhance the vocal function of the speakers with normal voices, opera singers, teachers with voice disorders, and elderly men (Stemple et al., 2014). Method: The VFE begins with describing the problem to the patient or showing illustrations using the patient’s own stroboscopic evaluation images/videos (Stemple et al., 2014). This is used in order to demonstrate what the problem is and give feedback because not all patients are aware of their vocal disorder. Moreover, the patient is then taught four exercises that are done at home twice each, twice a day, preferably morning and evening. All exercises
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The goal would be based on airflow volume similar to exercise one. The “oll” should be produced with front focus. This type of exercise may be customized to fit the current vocal condition of the patient. This is considered a low-impact adductory power exercise (Stemple, Roy, & Klaben, 2014). All four exercises in general target all three systems of voice production because they require diaphragmatic breathing with abdominal support, wide-open pharynx with lips vibrating, and the use of all laryngeal muscles, including cricothyroid and thyroarytenoid muscles. The following systematic taper is recommended: full program twice each, twice per day; full program twice each, once in the morning; full program once, once in the morning; exercise four, twice, once in the morning; exercise four, once, once in the morning; exercise four, once, once in the morning; exercise four, once, three times per week; exercise four, once

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