Emotional Benefits Of Music Therapy

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Although therapy has so many varieties and types the emotional benefits are far and wide the benefits of using aesthetics to evaluate any type of art can be difficult, but I believe using any type of art can be beneficial to a person’s spirit. Music therapy is something that I use in my daily life. Music therapy was formally established as a profession in 1950. (Abrams, 2011) Since that time, the practice of music therapy has been conceptualized and defined in a wide variety of ways this spirit is something that is needed in modern society and I will discuss different ways to prove the benefits of music therapy in a person’s life.
Music therapy is known as a clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized
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Freud, who introduced the therapy, seemed to feel uneasy about music. He thought to be emotionally moved by something without knowing what was moving him or why was a basically anxious experience. The operas he listened were "conversational" and "narrative" forms of music, which is theorized, provided him with some kind of "cognitive control" over the emotional impact of the musical sounds (Fubini,1970). Psychoanalytic theorists want the listener to bear some relationship to the feelings that music brings up. This brings up the mental life of the listener, what’s going on in their mind? What is it invoking? This is a big thing to the theorist because the unconscious mind is a powerful thing; music is an emotion and is meant to be felt with your soul. Freud had some problems calling music art, but I disagree. Music is created with the intent on the listener enjoying it just like art is. The listener is always in a different state of mind. Whether the listener wants to or not the music is felt, that leads to other forms of art such as of dance, which people use as an interpretation the …show more content…
As I write this paper I am listening to music, the purpose of which is to help me focus on the task. I love music, I feel it, and some bands like my favorite band Korn speak to me. The songs help me deal with the many issues I’ve encountered growing up, making me feel less alone. Maybe people can forget them pain for a bit, and that’s why music appeals to society. Using music as a therapy may reduce physical, emotional, and mental pain. Many different techniques may be used in music therapy, and it has been known to have a great effect on people. Such as stretching a hand to those who are battling cancer or to those who have lost someone close and are now dealing with depression and suicide thoughts. Those who have to dedicate their lives to educating themselves for music therapy have a desire to help those who are in need, combining with a compassionate

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