Autism And Music Therapy

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Autism is a developmental disability and affects the normal development of the brain in social interaction and communication skills which can often lead to social isolation, however there has been research that suggests that music and art therapy can help those with the disorder improve their social skills. Music and art Therapy has a positive effect on individuals with autism Spectrum disorder which is also known as ASD. Since It helps increase communication skills, child-parent relationships, and social skills. Music has always been engaging and provides one with the ability to get in touch with one 's emotions. Music acts as a gateway to learning, “Studies from the early days of autism research have already shown us the …show more content…
Music therapy helps the child bring the skills they achieve during the therapy to outside social situations. “ music therapy can help build skills such as eye contact through cooperative instrument playing which they can carry out to other social environments”(Guy, Neve). Individuals with ASD often times show impairments in social skills. Music also “Highlights what an individual can do, enhancing self-esteem and positive self-image”(Guy, Neve). When a child has positive self image it may make them more comfortable in social situations. Music and art therapy both help children and adults improve their social skills. As a music therapist who works with these clients Noa Ferguson stated that she “creates personalized music-based therapeutic interventions to involve the client in active music making experiences that target a specific skill or coping mechanism that individual needs to develop to be more successful in social environments”. These types of plans are very open and can be updated easily according to the client …show more content…
Often times individuals with autism have trouble speaking with words what on their mind. An article states that “Expressing feelings and ideas through images is very natural for such people and can be a welcome relief from the daily struggle to use words effectivly”(The Art of Autism). This is stating that art helps the individual express whats on thier minds without using words.

In conclusion music and art therapy has many positive effects on persons with ASD such as improving communication skills, parent- to child relationships and it also strengthens social skills. This is important because when it improves social skills it helps them develop skills they use throughout their lifetime and help them become successful. Also when music therapy improves parent - to child relationships it is bringing families closer together as a whole and helps them connect in many positive

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