The Healing Power Of Tunes Essay

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The Healing Power of Tunes Alternative medicine is not something everybody believes in, but something everybody can feel an effect on the brain, a mood or health. Sometimes it is quiet hard to explain, however it works. Surprisingly, 60 % of people worldwide rely on non-conventional medicine, including herbs, aromatherapy, acupuncture or hand healing. Music therapy is an exception. It is widely used in surgery and treating serious diseases. What result can be expected from just listening to music? A wound may heal much quicker, the blood pressure goes down or a level of stress dropped? It is not the end of the list. More and more hospitals offer music therapy, especially in cancer, pediatric and psychiatric hospitals units due to its calming and soothing effect. However, the kind of music, its tempo and volume should be taken into consideration. Listening to Mozart 's is one thing while listening to Metallica is another. This is the case when patients should trust the professional and experienced doctors and music therapists. Music is widely used in psychiatry treating mental diseases, especially schizophrenia. Together with standard care music therapy demonstrates a trend toward improved symptoms scores and the effects and cost-effectiveness if it should be further explored. Community -based services, which have been developed recently, use music therapy that enables to engage people with severe mental illness. The aim of this…

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