Alternative Music Therapy

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The Healing Power of Tunes Alternative medicine is not something everybody believes in, but something everybody can feel an effect on the brain, a mood or health. Sometimes it is quiet hard to explain, however it works. Surprisingly, 60 % of people worldwide rely on non-conventional medicine, including herbs, aromatherapy, acupuncture or hand healing. Music therapy is an exception. It is widely used in surgery and treating serious diseases. What result can be expected from just listening to music? A wound may heal much quicker, the blood pressure goes down or a level of stress dropped? It is not the end of the list. More and more hospitals offer music therapy, especially in cancer, pediatric and psychiatric hospitals units due to its calming and …show more content…
Addiction counselors apply music to help patients to manage physical and emotional problems, reducing the negative emotions and stress level. Kelly McClanahan created the best addiction recovery playlist because feelings like “love, heartbreak, joy, pain and sorrow are associated with addiction and recovery” (McClanahan). The songs like “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson, “Shine the light” by Sugarland or “My own Prison” by Greed can make positive change in life and lift up. Another example of music therapy comes from treatment of the elderly. It is quite difficult for them to “recover from physical weakness caused by death of spouse or coping with inability to be alone” (Mi Lim Im). The treatment was conducted for a total of 12 times for 12 weeks once a 60 - minute session. It included drum playing together with childhood music and chime activities. Amazingly, it recreates happy moments of one 's life and brings security. Consequently, the depression scores lowed significantly after music therapy, so it was proved that music is effective in reducing the degree of

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