Howard House Architecture Analysis

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Architectural elements harmonize and organize architecture. Without order confusion can set in, using architecture elements and principles there will be order and harmony. An architect uses these methods to create an emotional and balanced design.

Case studies chosen to analyze are Howard House in West Pennant, Nova Scotia designed by Brian MacKay-Lyons, second chosen was the B2 House in Ayvacik, Turkey by Han Tumertekin. Both buildings have elements and principles of architecture that will we will discussed in detail.

Starting with Howard House axis, looking to figure one, the axis is clearly defined. The axis terminates at both ends (see Figure 1), this axis encourages movement and promotes views. The building is quite linear, the interior
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The repetition of space organizes the spaces throughout. Looking to Figure 5, the spaces have a repetition pattern of ABAB, enclosed to expose. The relationship of repetitive to unique spaces reinforces the geometry, symmetry and balance of the building.

Figure 1 shows how the axial line acts as a datum, it organizes the spaces and vertical planes.

There is transformation in elevation, looking to Figure 6 the rectangular shape is pulled down to link the hierarchy of plan. Figure 7 shows the hierarchy of plan and elevation showing the terrace filled with views

The plan is well organized with linear circulation, giving spatial clarity. The plan and section are related to the hierarchy, spaces are organized well to maximize important spaces and views. Looking to Figure 10 we see how the linear circulation is enhanced by the circulation to use space.

The Howard House has clear space to space configuration, movement from space to space is done with ease. The linear configuration patters accent the movement from end to end.

There are no signs of reduction taking
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The axis promotes the vertical planes on all sides. Hierarchy relationship is built from this axis. The axis and symmetry work together creating a balance from plan the elevation (see Figure 11, 12).

Geometry for B2 House has excellent proportions. From plan to elevation, proportions are balanced and symmetrical. Looking at Figure 12 spatially the plan is organized through the geometry. The geometry organizes the elevation, creates repetition and rhythm (see Figure 13).

Plan is important in design for the B2 house, plan builds the relationship among section, elevation, symmetry, balance. The plan is open, creating a sense of relaxation and peace (see Figure 14). Circulation is linear, (see Figure 15) the vertical planes frame out the building and create the essential views on each level. In regard to transformation and reduction there no clear signs of these terms being used in the project

Figure 16 shows the unit to whole diagram, in plan spatially it is organized and reinforces the simple hierarchy of plan and structure. The use space is outline as the geometry is balanced and

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