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  • Deep Vein Tthrombosis: A Case Study

    Various studies have been conducted within and away from the medical field regarding the prevention of deep vein thrombosis and the conditions that can occur after its development. One intervention that has been researched that nurses are able to provide to their patients to help with this type of condition is by equipping their lower extremities with graduated compression stockings. Problem Deep vein thrombosis, often abbreviated as DVT, is a potentially life-threatening condition where a blood clot forms within a vein that is deep within the body. These blood clots, or thrombi, have potential to form in people who are bound to sitting still for a long period of time, such as patients after surgical procedures or accidents, along with patients…

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  • Deep Vein Thrombosis Case Study

    Temperature 96.8˚F, Heart Rate 129 beats per minute, Blood Pressure 102/60, Respiratory Rate 23, SPO2 100% on room air. Upon examination of his left leg, it is undeniably blue in color with significant swelling as compared to the right. Superficial veins are noticeably distended and the leg is cool to the touch. A Duplex Ultrasonography Examination is performed and a large deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is noted, involving the Common Femoral Vein all the way to the Popliteal Vein. At this point and…

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  • Nursing Case Study: Estelle's Plan Of Care

    Estelle is the name of the patient at the facility she is located in room twenty-two. The patient is currently comatose and appears to have been in this state for the last three years. She has a good support system in place as her grandniece visits her on a daily basis. She is currently receiving music therapy on a weekly basis as part of her treatment plan (Lester, 1997) Plan of Care When planning care for Estelle many aspects must be taken into consideration, such as the prevention of…

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  • Recurrent DVT: A Case Study

    established significant diabetes-related abnormalities in coagulability and endothelial function. Diabetes mellitus has been considered as a potential risk factor for idiopathic (unknown cause of disease) Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) (karim Gariani, 2016). Moreover, DVT is a frequent and potentially fatal complication of patients with COPD. Deep Vein Thrombosis account for many deaths in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) (Victor F. Trapson, 2005). The potential…

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  • Venous Thrombosis Pathophysiology

    venous insufficiency and deep venous thromboses. It will also present pathophysiology and treatment of the two mentioned diseases. The symptoms to the diseases may be identical although the anatomy is truly different.There is no exact amount of the people that are affected by chronic venous insufficiency and deep vein thrombosis although the estimated range is from 300,000 to over 600,000 each year in the United States. Approximately 60,000 to 100,000 Americans die of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)…

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  • Hillcrest Convalescent Center: Case Study

    However, my preceptor voiced her willingness to help me obtain charts which were buried deep in medical records. She has made the process of locating and reviewing charts little easier than it would have been. She also assisted with the process of collecting data and sorting it out. The management of the clinical site welcomed the research project and was willing to help with locating charts of patients who may have been discharged. The charts were stored in the medical record storing cabinets.…

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  • Venous Thromboembolism Essay

    According to NICE (2010) “A UK survey suggested that 71% of patients assessed to be at medium or high risk of developing deep vein thrombosis did not receive any form of mechanical or pharmacological VTE prophylaxis”. The guideline emphasized the need for mechanical or chemical prophylaxis especially for post-surgical patients because these are the patients who have significant reduced mobility and are much more at risk. But of course, the guidelines also emphasized the importance of assessing…

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  • Thrombosis Essay

    DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS (DVT) COURTNEY BENHAM PHLEBOTOMY AND HEMATOLOGY SEPTEMBER 1,2015 Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a condition that will happen when a thrombosis (blood clot) forms in the deep veins in the muscles of your body. Most commonly DVT is found in the legs, but can occur anywhere in the body. DVT can restrict blood flow through the vein, causing pain and swelling. Signs and symptoms of DVT include; swelling in your foot, ankle or leg, cramping in the affected leg felt mostly in the…

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  • Erickson's Development Theory

    Due to his chronic pain in his left knee he had an elective total knee replacement on September 28th. The surgery went well and the patient was discharged on September 30th. On October 8th the patient was taken to the hospital by ambulance. His chief complaint was shortness of breath and tight and constant chest pain radiating to the left shoulder. Upon arrival his breath sounds were diminished. His CT scan revealed he had over 30 small clots in in his lungs. Even though my patient was on deep…

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  • Emergency Room Summary

    Final impression found mildly dilated left ventricle with normal wall thickness and normal systolic function with an estimated ejection fraction is fifty to fifty-five percent. Thickened mitral valve with mild to moderate aortic stenosis and mild regurgitation is also present with an aortic valve area of 2.0 cm2 and a mean gradient of 11mmHg. Lastly mild left atrial and right atrium enlargement. The patient also had a White Blood Cell Local Study NM which is an imaging test that uses a…

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