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  • Blood Clot Analysis

    stopping, of blood. The medical term used to describe a blood clot is thrombus. In the blood, there is a liquid called plasma that makes up about half of the blood. Plasma contains proteins that help blood to clot, transport substances through the blood, and perform other functions. Blood plasma also contains glucose and other dissolved nutrients (WebMD, 2014). A blood clot can be beneficial or of great consequence to the body. A thrombus can form as a part of the normal repair process of the body. For example, a thrombus can form when there is damage…

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  • Thrombosis Essay

    DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS (DVT) COURTNEY BENHAM PHLEBOTOMY AND HEMATOLOGY SEPTEMBER 1,2015 Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a condition that will happen when a thrombosis (blood clot) forms in the deep veins in the muscles of your body. Most commonly DVT is found in the legs, but can occur anywhere in the body. DVT can restrict blood flow through the vein, causing pain and swelling. Signs and symptoms of DVT include; swelling in your foot, ankle or leg, cramping in the affected leg felt mostly in the…

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  • Deep Vein Thrombosis Essay

    located beneath the surface of the skin, and the deep veins run between muscles of the legs. Contractions of these muscles helps to squeeze the blood towards the heart when we move our legs. Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism are together called venous thromboembolism. “The incidence of VTE is 10% to 20% in general medical patients and up to 80% in critically ill patients” (Hinkle & Cheever, 2014, P. 846). DVT is where a blood clot or thrombus forms in a deep vein and It partially…

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  • Von Willebrand Disease Research Paper

    Von Willebrand Disease Von Willebrand disease is the most common bleeding disorder. It occurs when the body makes too little of the von Willebrand factor (VWF), a protein that helps blood clot, or when the VWF is misshapen and does not work the way it should. VWF is a carrier for another protein, called factor 8, that helps blood clot. When VWF levels are low or when VWF is not working properly, factor 8 levels are low as well and the body is less able to form stable blood clots. There are…

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  • Compulsive Disorder: A Short Story

    My story begins like everyone else, I was born. When my parents got married, they were both young. Mom was 21 and dad was just 19. I was born one year later. Dad was in the Air Force and mom was just that, a stay-at-home mom. I don’t remember much about anything while growing up, just little moments. Mostly to do with my own activities; Playing in the mud, playing with our dog or cat, just basically kids stuff you would expect. Growing up, I was very much an introvert. Unfortunately, it was…

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  • Personal Response: The Fog Horn, By Ray Bradbury

    The FogHorn Personal Response Life, a simple four letter word that we are all living in right now - probably the only thing that we have in common with other living beings in the world. Life, at times, a thrill ride but at times, the biggest obstacle we have to face, whether we like it or not. Life, we desire to live our life as best as we can until, we realize that there are things we can’t control, and that is our desire. Ray Bradbury suggests, desire is a complicated feeling we all have in…

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  • Xarelto In Healthcare

    Medication information can be found in multiple places. These include: social media, magazines, commercials, newspapers, billboards, blogs, journals, etc.. These can be both helpful and harmful when looking for accurate information. Medication resources can provide accurate information. Some of these are unprofessional and advertise the medication for popular uses of the medication. Although they can provide accurate information, the sources may not provide one hundred percent of the necessary…

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  • Augusta Georgia Hospital Case Study

    Caring for a cerebrovascular accident in Augusta Georgia. Augusta is known for its many hospitals, so well-known that when I was younger there was talk of changing Augusta’s nickname from the garden city of the south to the hospital city of the south. This did not happen, however the area does have four major hospitals, and two major military facilities. The large number of medical facilities with varying means of funding allows people to receive care to find quality care regardless of their…

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  • Jerry Burdette Activity Theory

    Jerry Burdette Jerry Burdette is a sixty-five-year-old male, retired, and married. He has been married three times. He has retired from work but is always busy around the house. He currently lives with his third wife. His family also helps him with anything her needs. Jerry Burdette has some medical problems mainly joint pain. Mr. Burdette is Caucasian and had no stories about the impact his race had on him. Jerry Burdette’s family is very important to him. He has been married three…

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  • Erickson's Development Theory

    According to Erickson’s stages of development theory my patient is in the adulthood stage ranging from 40-64 years of age. He’s 50 years old. This range represents generativity vs. stagnation and significant relationships are focused on those in the house hold and workmates. The primary concern is in guiding the next generation and contributing to society. My patient is the only source of income for his self and his family and has been for the past 30 years. He makes a decent amount of money and…

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