The Importance Of Medication Information

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Medication information can be found in multiple places. These include: social media, magazines, commercials, newspapers, billboards, blogs, journals, etc.. These can be both helpful and harmful when looking for accurate information. Medication resources can provide accurate information. Some of these are unprofessional and advertise the medication for popular uses of the medication. Although they can provide accurate information, the sources may not provide one hundred percent of the necessary information about the medications. It can be very dangerous for medication resources to not provide important information. Many times there are contraindications for medications dependent on the patient 's diagnoses. Misinterpretation regarding medications may cause complications when prescribed to patients. This can be a huge safety concern for patients. Nurses and physicians play a large role in educating the patients about the medication that they are taking.
Xarelto is a newer medication used to prevent the risk for VTE, stroke, and heart attacks. (Drugwatch,2015) The medication is known to cause uncontrollable bleeding. Xarelto does not have an antidote to reverse
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According to study, offering this medication immediately puts this patient at risk for blood clots. It’s important for the nurse to educate the patient on the necessity of talking to their doctor before altering their medication administration due to other resources they may find. Nurses should also be sure to include in teaching the patient that there is no antidote for this medication. Patient’s need educated that some resources are biased about this medication, which may lead to inaccurate information. It is important for the patient to discuss any information found in alternative resources with their physician. Inaccurate or ineffective information on a medication may result in a non-therapeutic use of the

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