Jerry Burdette Activity Theory

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Jerry Burdette Jerry Burdette is a sixty-five-year-old male, retired, and married. He has been married three times. He has retired from work but is always busy around the house. He currently lives with his third wife. His family also helps him with anything her needs. Jerry Burdette has some medical problems mainly joint pain. Mr. Burdette is Caucasian and had no stories about the impact his race had on him. Jerry Burdette’s family is very important to him. He has been married three times and between the marriages he had six children. His first wife blessed Mr. Burdette with three girls who he adored. While married to his first wife, he worked hard to provide for her and the girls. However, the relationship came to an end. Mr. Burdette tried to keep in touch with the girls but his first wife influenced the girls so that they would not speaking to him. He is still not …show more content…
Burdette. According to Devin Kowalczyk “The activity theory occurs when individuals engage in a full day of activities and maintain a level of productivity to age successfully(n.d.).” Mr. Burdette is very active and always on the go. Every week he goes to church, to the gym, to two different family members houses to cut grass, and works on cars or lawn mowers. He did not feel like he did the same thing every day because something was always different. He mentioned that he gets phone calls from friends and family asking for his help. Mr. Burdette the only thing he knows he is going to do on a daily basis in read his bible, and walks his winner dog Rusty around the block every morning. He seemed to have something planned for every day. He enjoys doing his daily activities and tries to still go on vacations with his family once a year. This year he and his family are heading to Virginia Beach. He is very excited to go since he has never been. Mr. Burdette has remained active as he aged and plans to stay that

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