Similarities Between Only Daughter And Mother Tongue By Amy Tan

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Meeting parental expectations and completing all of the “requirements” to be a successful son or daughter has always been part of the main goal and developing process for everyone, no matter how old the “child” is. Sandra Cisneros and Amy Tan, authors of two unique essays - "Only Daughter" and "Mother Tongue" - with the similar theme, are sharing their experiences and thought processes regarding that question. They have something in common – both women immigrated to the United States with their families and both decided to major in English to become writers. However, these are the only few similarities that authors have. Everything else is different and almost antithetical – mother that had her own “broken” English for Amy Tan and …show more content…
It gave her uncomfortable feelings and forced her to blush if her mother was speaking.

Only when she got older she realized her own mistake – judging by the way the person talks, instead of the way he or she thinks. It made Amy Tan perceive that her own “perfect English”, which she used to implement in her early writing, does not stand a chance and that it is boring and useless. She decided to write in the simple, the “most full” language, so people like her mother would understand it. Her mother and her “broken English” created the writer with a unique style of presentation.

On the contrary from Amy Tan’s story, Sandra Cisneros did not chose her writing style because of her mother. However, just like Amy Tan, her father has affected her
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Contrasted to Amy Tan, who was the only child in the family, she had six brothers. Her live was calm and peaceful, she would often be alone, because boys were “too cool” to play with their sister. It caused adequate amount of time for her to think about everything around her. That is why Sandra Cisneros decided to become a writer. However, her father adhered to the principle that his daughter’s life goal was supposed to be focused on marriage. Finding someone suitable was the only reason why he agreed with Sandra Cisneros, when she was eager to apply for college. The girl always wanted to impress her father with her writing skills to show herself and prove that being writer means more than introducing her as “This is only my daughter. She teaches.” Unfortunately, on the contrary with Amy Tan’s mother, he did not even had a “broken English”, he could not read at

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