Only Daughter By Sandra Cisneros Analysis

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As kids we all want our parents to be proud of who we are and what we become. Everything we do, we try to make them happy because it allows us to feel better about ourselves. After reading “Only Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros, I noticed that in one of the paragraphs Cisneros states that she does all her writing for her dad. In the beginning, I wondered why she stated this. Why not write your stories for yourself; If she enjoys writing so much why does she care so much about what her dad thinks? These questions got me thinking, all she wanted was for her dad to be proud of what she accomplished. I believe she included this statement to make the readers see that she didn’t only do writing for herself, she did it to try and make her dad see that …show more content…
After college she disappointed her father by not getting married or finding the love of her life. This also seemed to be a factor of why she did all this writing for her father. She was tired of him being disappointed in her and wanted him to see that she did accomplish something useful in college. Cisneros states “ Being only a daughter for my father meant my destiny would lead me to become someone’s wife. That’s what he believed… What I didn’t realize was my father thought college was good for girls…” (1). She felt as if she failed her father 's expectations because all her father wanted her to go to college for was marriage and she had bigger plans in mind. With this in mind, it allows the reader to see how she did all this writing for herself but getting her father 's approval of the writing would make her feel like she didn 't completely fail him. All her life she has felt rejected by her father and finally at the end of the essay we see that her father approves and gives her the attention she has wanted her whole life. This helps the reader see the whole point of the essay, Cisneros doesn’t really care how many times her father has hurt or disapproved of her. All that matters is that she finally did something right and her father finally saw

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