An Analysis Of Only Daughter By Sandra Cisneros

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Just a Girl The essay Only Daughter is a about a writer who grew up the only girl of six brothers. This story is based on the author, Sandra Cisneros life growing up. She talks about how isolated she felt being the only girl. Her brothers would only play amongst themselves. This loneliness she encountered did however prepare her for the great writer she would become. The expectations her father had for her were less than the ones he had for her brothers. It made her feel excluded from her brothers. She felt as “just the girl”, of the family that would eventually become someones wife, and that was her expected destiny. This was something she did not want for herself but her father did. Ultimately all she wanted in life was to have her father …show more content…
Her brothers did not take the idea serious. She shared her thoughts with her father, wanting his approval. He was happy for her but not for the reasons she wanted. She applys pathos to her essay so the audience can get an understanding of the emotional strain between her fathers expectations for her and her own plans for the future. What she wanted to do was expand her education and make something of herself. Her father on the other hand is a traditional Hispanic father that believes girls are meant to be wives to be taken care of a man. He thought her going to school would open up the opportunity to find a good husband. Cisneros took it as maybe it was a good thing her father thought college was merely for finding a husband. It did not matter what she ended up studying because basically she was going for a husband not an education. So she found her interest majoring in English. The author found that she was able to write her stories without interruption from her father who was uninterested in her academic work. However, Cisneros wanted her father to be interested in her work and wanted that sense of praise for her dedication in …show more content…
As the only daughter of a Hispanic father this was difficult. Hispanics have developed certain morals such as a women getting married and getting taken care of by a man. Cisneros did not follow this “destiny” of finding a husband in college and it made her father unsatisfied because it was against his idea of morals. It was until a decade of professional writing that the authors father finally recognized his daughters writing. One of her stories was published and translated in Spanish. He took the time to read it and showed his satisfaction by asking for more copies to share with relatives. Cisneros took great pride in that moment and declared it one of the best things that had happened to her that year. It was her fathers acceptance she wanted all along. So why is it that morals change as time passes or lack resemblance in different types of

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