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  • Rest And Sleep As A Recovery Time For A Young Child

    As an early years practioner it is important to provide the child’s every day needs; rest and sleep is one very important normal daily routine for a young child. Rest and sleep provides time for the child to recover from the day’s events and provides them with more energy for the day to come. It also helps with memory and learning, for example,, said that “Children who had a nap for at least 30 minutes with in four hours of learning the skill were able to actively remember the actions. Those who didn’t have that nap with in the 4 hours after learning struggled to remember the skill they were shown earlier.” Therefore supporting my fact that sleep provides a ‘recovery time’ for the child. Rest and sleep also helps the brain to recover and repair the child’s body; this is shown in CACHE Level 3 Child Care and Education, where it says “during sleep a growth hormone is released; this renews tissues and produces new bone and red blood cells”. Not enough sleep is evident from the child’s behaviour after waking up, this can be shown through tantrums or loss of interest in activities that are being carried out. But as an early year’s practitioner, it is important not to mess with the child’s daily routine; this can be done by including another nap time or longer naps will confuse the routine. Before going to sleep it is important to make sure the children are comfortable, this can be done by making sure fresh nappies are on or…

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  • Brigance Early Childhood Screen II: The Procedure Of Child Development

    Results Landis scored 93% on the Brigance Early Childhood Screen II: Basic Assessment: Two-Year-Old Child. For physical health and development Landis scored 100%, and for language development she scored 90%. Breaking down the physical health and development area, Landis is on track for her growth motor development, her visual motor development, and her fine motor development. Breaking down the language development area, Landis can identify body parts (feet, tongue, ears, head, legs, and…

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  • The Importance Of 3 Day Potty Training Activities

    Think about whether your child will respond better to training on the toilet like Mommy and Daddy or whether your tot may be intimidated by the size of the toilet, the big hole in the middle and the loud sound it makes when flushing. Take your cues from your child by observing well in advance of the 3 Day Potty Training Event your child’s comfort level with the toilet. Potty chairs are easier to use for potty training and a lot less intimidating for kids. They come in toddler-friendly colors,…

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  • Case Study Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

    1. I diagnosis Eleanor with pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) based on her history and examination. Pelvic floor dysfunction is the inability to control the pelvic floor muscles and failure to function properly is due to old age, obesity, pregnancy, menopause, and a vaginal delivery (Bartling, 2016). Its symptoms include urinary problems, constipation, a heavy feeling or bulge in the pelvis, and pain. Eleanor presents a majority of the risks factors and symptoms. She is more likely to have PFD…

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  • Nurse Constipation In The Elderly

    One of the common issues within the aging population is constipation, which impacts one’s normal bowel habits and overall health. However, everyone undergoes constipation at one point in their lifetime, regardless of age. There are several causes that lead to this discomforting situation, and many individuals are not comfortable opening up about this feeling to health care providers. The purpose of this paper is to discuss constipation concerns within older adults and how nurses can promote…

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  • What Are The Importance Of Body Mechanics

    LIFTING AND TRANSFERING  Body mechanics is moving the body in an efficient and safe way that reduces the risk of injury. Body mechanics is using good posture, proper techniques, and using the strongest and largest muscles when you can. Good body mechanics are extremely crucial as DSW’s working in residential programs because we are often doing a lot of lifting and transferring of significant amounts of weight (the weight of another human being). We can be easily injured if we do not use proper…

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  • 5 Things You Should Know About Before Traveling To South Korea

    5 Things You Should Know About Before Traveling to South Korea A foreign country means there are different customs and cultures - exactly what the reason for some of us who are traveling to these foreign lands. Korea is quite a modernized country and there are some eccentricities that some people should expect before going into this foreign and different land. So these five things should be able to help you be prepared for your new and the exciting trip to South Korea. 1.…

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  • Acute Renal Failure: A Case Study

    5. Describe the medical and nursing management of a patient with acute renal failure. Include discussion of fluid administration, treatment of common electrolyte imbalances, and dialysis. The nurse plays important role in managing fluid and electrolyte balance during an incidence of acute kidney injury (AKI). The nurse will assess and take objective data by observing and recording accurate intake and output. Also, the nurse will take daily measurements of the patient’s weight with the same…

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  • Swachh Bharat Case Study

    Most of them said that they don’t have toilets or don’t have proper water facility. Also many claim that they didn't know the various diseases and problems that can be caused due to Open Defecation. • There were no Dustbins in the village. The garbage was piled up at various places and there was no mechanism to clean it up. • Both solid and liquid waste management was not in good condition. Drainage system was open and choked at various points due to lack of cleaning. • Communities were aware of…

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  • Hydration Essay

    which mothers of under five children were selected with non probability purposive sampling technique. Total 200 mothers having under five children were selected for present study. Participant structured Observational technique was used after validation. The data collected was done in selected rural areas (Sirasgarh, Dulyani and Barara) of Ambala, Haryana. Data collection was done with evaluation of practices technique of mothers. Result revealed from the study include most of the mothers…

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