Importance Of Training On The Bathroom

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Think about whether your child will respond better to training on the toilet like Mommy and Daddy or whether your tot may be intimidated by the size of the toilet, the big hole in the middle and the loud sound it makes when flushing. Take your cues from your child by observing well in advance of the 3 Day Potty Training Event your child’s comfort level with the toilet.
Potty chairs are easier to use for potty training and a lot less intimidating for kids. They come in toddler-friendly colors, different shapes, and can be purchased or decorated with your child’s favorite characters. Potty chairs are great since they make your child feel more comfortable and with the personalization of the potty chairs, more enthusiastic about using them.
If you decide using the toilet would be the best option for your child, then don’t forget to purchase a step stool to help your little one feel comfortable and secure getting on the toilet seat. This will also help to reduce any fear of falling into the toilet that they may have.
Hack 8 Make it Easy for Your Child to Go Potty
Make it easy for your child to go by having one or more potties available and easily accessible. Add potty chairs to the areas in the home where your child spends the most time before your child is ready for potty training. It will allow your
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Don’t remodel the kitchen or invite overnight guests and during this period. Cancel that hair appointment and don’t go on vacation and choose that as the perfect opportunity to potty train your toddler. You need to focus on potty training when your toddler can focus too. If you have younger children, consider giving them a fun, long weekend at one of their favorite relative’s or a friend’s house. Older kids could be helpful for modeling toileting to your potty training

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