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  • College Degree

    “Is a College Degree Worth It In The Long Run For Employment?” In high school, we are told to go to college after graduating from high school to get a better paying job and more job opportunities. Back in the 1990’s, a person with a high school degree could get employed easily and a college degree didn’t matter at all if you were to apply mostly anywhere. Today, in order to get a job that pays well you need a college degree because most jobs require you to have a college degree. Also you will have a higher chance of becoming employed. Yet, many people are asking themselves if a college degree is worth it in the a long run for employment? I am asking myself that question too. There are a lot people that I know who has only a high school degree they get rejected from the job that apply to. Studies have shown that if you have a bachelor or a higher degree you have higher chances of being employed than someone who have a high school degree. The employment rates for a high school degree have been…

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  • Masters Degree

    Getting a Masters degree is an aspiration of many that opens up the doors to a higher level of knowledge and understanding; elevation of self worth; better employment opportunity; higher income potential; and more. It is a pillar that solidifies a person 's dedication, credibility and knowledge through his/her hard work. Thus one of the key issue in consideration for a Masters degree is choosing the appropriate field of study that will complement the social, professional and personal…

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  • Gaining College Degree

    There is a common belief that to be successful in life one must receive a college education. Simply earning a college degree brings you closer to obtaining the American Dream. And the more higher education one acquires, the further a head they will be amongst other individuals in society. Such way of thinking usually develops around the time students are in grade school; it is an ideal upheld by the students’ parents, taught by their teachers and promoted by other authorities and institutions…

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  • Bachelor's Degree Benefits

    Without a bachelor’s degree, for instance, it would make it tougher for job seekers to find their dream jobs. According to Matt Sigelman, CEO of Burning Glass Technologies, “employers appear to be using a bachelor’s degree as a rough, rule of thumb screening system to recruit better workers.” Technology has evolved so much that jobs, that were considered unskilled labor, are now based in the employee’s use of technology. For example, janitorial workers now have a company email account. Their…

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  • College Degree Necessary

    As 2015 is shortly coming to a close we are still experiencing the age old debate of the importance of a higher education, more specifically a college degree. Is a college degree really necessary in our society today? Is a degree worth that much of your time and not the mention the debt that comes along with it? According to CNN Money, a college degree, despite all the factors involved, is still worth it. Although tuition has been continually rising and wages have been falling those workers…

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  • College Degree Benefits

    graduate($50,000 In Student Loans 1). Is a college degree really worth it? Should students have to pay this much for a college degree? A college degree will help you get a job unlike a highschool degree. In recent years the worth of a high school degree has gone down. Thus, making a college degree even more critical in this competitive work…

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  • Benefits Of A College Degree

    Is a college degree actually worth the time and money it takes to achieve it? Some may believe so, some may think the complete opposite. There are a lot of factors that go into the choice of going to college, such as what major you want, how long it is going to take, and if you can afford it. People pay thousands of dollars just so that they can get a piece of paper that has their name on it saying that they have gotten their college education. In some ways college can seem that it is broken and…

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  • The Benefits Of Choosing A Degree

    believe it will be going through college and picking what to major in. Debt, stress, anxiety, and countless sleepless nights all come with going through college. On top of that, you have to pick a specific degree to graduate with. With so many options how does one pick what they want to use to succeed in their career? My pick was a rather easy one though and that was to major in Business Management. My stepmother, who has become greatly successful in her career, graduated from college with this…

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  • Nursing Associate Degree

    Nursing Associate Degree vs. a Baccalaureate Degree Nursing is a beautiful profession, which entitles many jobs in one. We not only focus on healing our patients, but also educate them. We also develop an intrapersonal relationship with out patient in a really short time. We are compassionate and dedicated to our patients. We as nurses should live by this motto, always treat others they way you like to be treated. Nurses with an associate or baccalaureate degree are trained to be nurses, but…

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  • Obtaining College Degree

    has the better chances on getting a well payed profession according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with a master’s degree earn around one thousand three hundred dollars per week. A difference of about eight hundred dollars compared to a person with a high school diploma (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics "Earnings and Unemployment Rates by Educational Attainment".) This is a clear example that having a higher degree will have an impact on the income someone is earning. Nonetheless,…

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