Obtaining College Degree

Imagen a world where people live their lives paycheck to paycheck; where money is only enough to get people through life. Many U.S. families are living this daily, where money just comes and goes but never actually stays. Society has a structure where if a person doesn’t have money, that person is a nobody. But how exactly people obtain money? One of the many paths people take is college. Although there are some who believe that life experience is much more important than college; Pursuing a higher education can open many doors, it can also increase a person’s income, and is what many employers look for in a candidate.
Obtaining a diploma is not the only goal of going to college, networking is an important part as well. A person can meet someone
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The more education someone has the better chances on getting a well payed profession according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with a master’s degree earn around one thousand three hundred dollars per week. A difference of about eight hundred dollars compared to a person with a high school diploma (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics "Earnings and Unemployment Rates by Educational Attainment".) This is a clear example that having a higher degree will have an impact on the income someone is earning. Nonetheless, achieving such level of education is not free; people get into debt and it takes them a whole life to pay back. is getting an education with the cost of debt worth it? Certainly not, before people get into debt they need to have a plan on how they going to pay for college. In the end college is a satisfying and rewarding …show more content…
They argue that employers are looking for people that have hands on experience rather than knowledge. They say that is better to go straight to the workforce after high school, which sounds like a nice idea. If you take in consideration that is hard to find someone who will give someone straight out of high school a chance. The person needs to has some type of certification which probably will not be the case if someone just came out of high school. Getting a certification cost not only time but also money. The jobs that demand people with a degree is growing, for example according to Forbes, “Marketing Executive. Each month nearly 35,000 of these positions are posted online, while just 11,617 workers are hired for these roles, on average, for a job that pays a robust $57.42 in median hourly earnings” (Dill, Kathryn. "10 Jobs in High Demand That Require a College Degree.") The better prepared academically a person is in our modern world the better, that’s how the present world is

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