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  • Letter To Richard Frethorne

    Centuries later Frethorne's letters were evidence of the parish-indentured servants; who were young children sent by the parish due to the fact the parish provided support for their poor families. Frethorne was indentured by his parish under The English Poor Law of 1601, which forced children into mandatory apprenticeships because their parents could not support their child. Children sent over under the provisions of The English Poor Law of 1601, were not volunteers, but forced to become indentured servants. The number of passengers on the boat were recorded and occasionally names were attached, but there were no traces of the parish children other than the relation between Bateman and Frethorne in another letter and Frethorne is referred to as a “parish-indentured poor child.” Frethorne’s letter gives some insight and historical significance on how indentured servants truly lived and the hardships they…

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  • Vocational Education Pros And Cons

    while other states took initiative to continue investing in vocational education. South Carolina, for example, began an initiative called Apprenticeship Carolina that gave one million dollars to the state’s technical college and offered a one thousand dollar subsidy per apprentice per year to businesses willing to start apprenticeship programs. The state has now doubled the number of apprentices and expanded apprenticeships to even more occupations, such as advanced manufacturing, health care,…

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  • Personal Learning Activity 1

    development program is to help employees improve the overall running and knowledge of the business. Research has shown that training and development programs are vitally important as it continues to develop the trainee skills within the organisation (Jayakumar, & Sulthan, 2014). The differences is that training is more hands on experience whereas, development focuses mainly on yourself. Research have suggested that the overall running of the business is classified as training whilst, the…

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  • Key Considerations When Planning Training Essay

    pay transport for the employees. The business need to also consider booking the location to train in and pay to use the facilities. But it is costly for a business to plan to send one of their employees to another business to train. They cannot plan to send all their employees to train in the other business because there are limited places and it costs. Different types of training methods On-the Job Training: This training method is for everyone and allows employees to get an under roof…

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  • Blizzardkit Love Story

    Blizzardpaw loved him. She had never meet a cat who was this positive about everything. He always knew how to give constructive criticism in a nice way, and he always praised her when she did something right. It was a new concept to her, since her mother only told her what she was doing wrong. Lilysong never stopped to tell Blizzardpaw if she was doing something right. By then end of Blizzardpaw’s training, she was showing great combat prowess. The leader named her Blizzardclaw to honor her…

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  • Save The Military Analysis

    optional available because this decision is vital to long term success and happiness. THE GI BILL Today’s retiring service member has more educational options than ever before. With the expanded benefits of the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008, or more commonly known, Post-9/11 GI Bill, the veteran has an earned benefit that pays all in-state tuition and fees, a monthly living allowance and $1000 annually for books and supplies. This benefit can be used to pay for almost any…

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  • Effects Of Indentured Servants

    Upon discovering new lands west of Europe, many quickly went over in search of new opportunities and riches. Many of these travelers though were middle class and therefore could not afford to pay their way across upfront. This then led to the practice of indentured servitude, a common practice in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries where middle class men and woman signed binding contracts agreeing to work for a preselected amount of years after receiving free travel across the Atlantic…

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  • Strengths Of A Customer Training At Pizza Hut

    I hope this email finds you well, and business successful. As a former employee who spent three years as a server and two of those as a team trainer, this email is in regards to the server training you offer at your Pizza Hut. As you are training employees to work in the service industry, there are many different elements that are key to the successful training of servers. At Pizza Hut your training has many strengths and weaknesses that when addressed will help ensure service employee…

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  • Colonist Conditions

    The New World was known to be the Western hemisphere of the Earth. The New World consisted of the 13 British colonies. Colonists did not have much freedom, if any at all, before coming to the New World. The New World was said to provide the colonists with freedom and many opportunities (Voices of Freedom, Foner). There are at least five different conditions that brought colonists into the world that revolved around freedom. Freedom for the colonists included having religious freedom. Religious…

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  • Divorce In A Midsummer Night's Room

    Darnton describes some of the reasons for the printing press journeymen to massacre the master’s cats was due to frustration stemming from basic inequalities of necessities. Essentially, the workers notice that while the cats, along with the masters, lounge throughout the days, they are working exceedingly long hours with little to no respite. Moreover, the cats are passed morsels of food from the masters. Whereas, the workers live off of rotten scraps of food and struggle to eat enough…

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