Personal Learning Activity 1

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Learning Activity 1
A good learning experience would be a few years back a teacher helps me achieve the best results. Also, she had time for everyone that might be encountering problems that they might have. Furthermore, she provided us with tricks and tips for exams for which she wanted the best possible result for everyone and motivated us to do our absolute best.
A bad learning experience would when the teacher just regurgitated information from the Powerpoint and just giving it like a speech. Thus, he didn?t really provided real life examples or ways in which would have helped us understanding the concepts and theories better. It didn?t give to us that eager and hunger to teach.
The way in which, I will apply to my own future learning
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As, depending on what I am learning or the activity I am partaking in really determines the way I learn. I don?t have one set of learning styles as I have found in the past that the way I learn doesn?t necessarily work with doing the same activity.
In respect, to training others it could be said that I am more of a pragmatic person. The reason being is that I like to tend to play role with ideas about which clips or activities and to get my point across to the trainee. Hence, I am an down to earth kind of person as long as they try and keep learning. Lastly, I tend to mostly to problem solve and help them figure out what it is that is getting this result.
This is relevant to my training session as I have incorporated some new ideas in which, previously haven?t tried before and seeing how the audience responses. I have included activities in which, would hopefully get the audience engaged and participate more with this style of learning. Throughout, my session, I have cut down on discussing the theories and concepts and trying more to incorporate the theories and concepts through finding the theories and concepts within cartoons

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