Difference Between Nursing Associate Degree Vs. A Baccalaureate Degree

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Nursing Associate Degree vs. a Baccalaureate Degree
Nursing is a beautiful profession, which entitles many jobs in one. We not only focus on healing our patients, but also educate them. We also develop an intrapersonal relationship with out patient in a really short time. We are compassionate and dedicated to our patients. We as nurses should live by this motto, always treat others they way you like to be treated. Nurses with an associate or baccalaureate degree are trained to be nurses, but many argue that nurses with a baccalaureate degree are more equip nurses. Therefore the following paragraphs will discuss the difference in competencies between nurses prepared at the associate degree level versus the baccalaureate degree level. Also, will identify a patient care situation in which nursing care or
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Associates Degree in Nursing vs. Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing
According to Friberg & Creasia (2016), the severity of the nursing shortage in the postwar years encouraged faculty to develop new entry-level nursing programs. In 1951 nurse educator Mildred Montag proposed an innovative program to prepare nurse technicians in 2-year associate degree community colleges. They demonstrated an adequate level of clinical nursing competency and were employed as graduate nurses (Friberg & Creasia, 2016). According to Ginger and Davidhizar (1990), “The associate degree nurse appeared to be primarily interested in meeting the physical needs of the patient, whereas the data indicated that baccalaureate graduates were primarily concerned with meeting the psychosociological needs of the patient. The data also indicated that the baccalaureate degree student was more care-oriented”. I have been a witness of how nurses with an associated degree handle patient care versus a nurse with a baccalaureate. Furthermore, Rosseter (2016), states that research has shown that lower mortality rates,

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