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  • What Is Lfg Corporate Social Responsibility

    would it not be in the best interests of a corporation to have stop gap measures in place in terms of auditing and compliance procedures. This author has worked in the Compliance Department for LFG for over 8 years and can attest to the many auditing procedures in place to ensure that all are acting in a manner with honesty and integrity. The Compliance Department have developed teams and guidelines to handle antitrust, conflicts of interest, financial controls that include money laundering, improper payments/foreign corrupt practices, insider trading, solicitation, registered representative monitoring and various other procedural policies that govern all employees and non-employees that represent LFG in regard to the sales of financial investments. All audits are conducted in a manners where controls are in place using Information Management Technology. For instance, if there is a concern with unethical trades conducted by a Registered Representatives a report is sent to the compliance department via computer for a compliance review and approval. Registered personnel personal accounts are monitored for outside business activities and to ensure no large transactions have gone unreported. Lastly, departmental audits are conducted with on-the-spot reviews. For example, if the compliance department reviews the accounting department it is done via a surprise visit, this way employees cannot prepare for the visit and are not able to attempt to hide any anomalies. As with any…

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  • Steven Brian Pennell: The Corridor Killer

    Steven Brian Pennell is popularly known as the Route 40 killer or the Corridor Killer. Pennell is believed to be the first documented serial killer in the history of the state of Delaware and also the first person to be executed in the state of Delaware since the year 1946. Pennell is a Caucasian male born on November 22, 1957, a native of the Delaware. Pennell is married to Mrs. Kathy Pennell with three children, two of his own, and a step daughter. Pennell worked as an electrician but…

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  • Indian River Hundred Speck Summary

    Unlike the Ramapo, who Speck accused of lacking a conscious self-identity, the Delaware Nanticoke maintained a strong collective consciousness. The exclusivity maintained by prohibiting intermarriage with their black neighbors was just one of many barriers set up to protect the group from outside influence. Thus, social standing, group consciousness, and most importantly a willingness to preserve this group consciousness also powerfully influenced Speck’s willingness to advocate on a community’s…

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  • Munsee Indians Summary

    Munsee Indians During in the 17th century, European colonists forced an Indian group out of their homeland. During that time, the island of Manhattes (now known as Manhattan) was sold for 60 guilders to Peter Minut. While the sale of Manhattan is well recognized throughout history, the Native people who originally resided in that area remains somewhat obscure. The Indian group that the book mainly focused on was the Munsee Indians, a subgroup of the Delawares or otherwise known as the Lenapes.…

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  • Middle Colonies Essay

    The middle colonies include New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Note: There are no promises everything will be perfect but, definitely a better life in the long run for your ancestors to live on. I can not pay to get over: That is not an issue, You can work for 4 to 10 years as a helper to a family and your boss will pay for our ticket over. That will give you food and a place to live. As well, You have rights at your home. Daily life On a normal day for the middle and…

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  • Violent Media Is Good For Kids By Gerard Jones

    Gerard Jones is an American author and a comic book writer about media. Jones argued in his essay “Violent Media Is Good for Kids” to discuss several good reasons that violent media is beneficial to kids. In Jones’s essay, he talked about many good reasons that led me to be certain of his reasons why violent media are helpful to kids. Jones believes violent media assistances children to be more courageous to face their obstacles. Jones gave a very good example of his son, who was not able to…

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  • • Compare And Contrast Essay: Partnership Vs Corporation

    associated with such a venture. When you read about a partnership and a corporation, it is most likely that a business owner will opt to become a partner than a shareholder. One simple reason for this is the fact that partnership is simple and easy to establish with simple agreement, easy distribution of profit, taxes. Partnership has more advantage when it comes to liquidation and distribution of profit and loses base on their partnership agreement. Another major reason for a business owners…

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  • Role Of Indian Financial System

    each other. It provides a mechanism through which savings can be converted into investments and it mobilises the surplus funds and utilizes them efficiently and effectively for productive purposes. It is characterized by the integrated and organised regulated firms that help in meeting short term and long term financial needs of all the sectors. Therefore it is said that financial system plays a significant role in economic growth of the country. The financial…

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  • Mutual Fund And Why Should I Care?

    What is a Mutual Fund and Why Should I Care? It is unfortunate that there is not more time spent in school teaching young adults and teenagers the in’s and out’s of the financial industry. For many, terms such as “mutual funds”, “bonds”, “401k’s”, and “annuities” are scary and unfamiliar. Young adults assume that only people with a lot of money, who have the resources to hire financial advisors, need to know what these words mean or, what they can do for them. This is a mistake. Every working…

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  • Business Case Analysis Of Tyson Foods: Currency Swaps

    If Tyson Foods supposes the price of the Euro to depreciate against the dollar, to avoid the risk of the decline, the firm can identify a European company that wants to make the same sized investment to arrange for an offsetting loan. The two companies will lend each other their respective currencies with which to make their investments thus repay each other later in which case no company is affected by the currency fluctuations. Currency swaps are agreements between two firms to exchange an…

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