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  • Customer Feedback In The Workplace

    return to their original complaint to do what you did not—follow up—except this second complaint will likely hold even more weight than the first. The key takeaway? Time is of the essence. Hiding and Deleting Comments Should you ever delete or hide comments? In my experience, the answer to this is sometimes “yes.” Obvious spam can be deleted without problems, and likely your social following will be glad to be free of it. Keep an eye out for spam and try to keep your accounts as free from it as possible. The other situation where hiding or deleting comments could be the best option is with extremely hostile feedback. If users are swearing left and right, calling your company or employees names, or other inappropriate behaviors, sometimes deletion is the best option. However, if this is the case, I’d recommend also reporting that user to the social network you are using, as there are often policies banning this type of behavior. Erroneous or Inappropriate Reviews Most sites do not allow companies to delete or hide reviews, for obvious reasons. However, many companies sometimes get reviews that are completely or partially erroneous or inappropriate. In these cases, though you cannot delete it on your own, you can often report it and ask that it be taken down by an administrator. Good examples of this include when the review is not for your company, when the user’s language is abusive, or if the review is factually incorrect (they mention a non-existent employee or perhaps…

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  • Social Media Argumentative Analysis

    Social media has impacted today’s generation with extraordinary factors. I believe deleting your social media is losing your connection with your friends and family. Also, losing connection with today’s latest trends and out bursts. Completely whipping out your social media is not common sense. I can relate to those who can live without social media on certain levels, but I must have it. Now, I don’t believe you should connect with it 24/7, but you should at least use is it to connect with your…

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  • 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome Case Study

    surgery the doctors also discovered some distinct facial issues that was the problem that they diagnosed was the reason why Aidan had feeding issues. While time passed by Aidan’s mother and his preschool teacher began to grow more and more concerned. They both noticed that Aidan was far behind with his developmental setbacks. Aidan’s mother decided to bring Aidan to numerous clinical and genetic specialists, they weren’t able to come up with a diagnosis for poor Aidan. Finally, they found a…

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  • Digita Insider File Deletion Case Study

    Insider file deletion is a threat to cyber security since it is carried out by trusted people who understand the vulnerabilities of systems (Chan et al., 2012). The key to tackling this deletion is tracing it back to the perpetrator. It is advised that system administrators should move with speed to identify those responsible for the deletion (Chan et al., 2012). Social media data could provide insights which can be used to identify the responsible party. Suppose that the perpetrator used…

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  • Golden Eagles Analysis

    The Golden Eagles of Scotland (1) The golden eagle is the largest and arguably the most impressive of British birds. In the first sentence, we have the adjunct arguably. In case of adjunct arguably we can apply the criteria of deletion. According to this criterion the adjunct can be deleted without any influence on the grammar of the sentence, consider the example: (1)*The golden eagle is the largest and the most impressive of British birds. We also have the complement the largest and the most…

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  • The Importance Of Standard Language In Schools

    from SAE. Although features may differ, speakers are able to produce clear and logically sound sentences. The features discussed for the purpose of this essay are the rules of r-deletion and l-deletion, the consonant cluster reduction rule, multiple negatives rule, and deletion of the verb “be” rule (Fromkin, Rodman, & Hyams, 2011). R-deletion and l-deletion. In the r-deletion rule /r/ is deleted everywhere except before a vowel making words such as “poor” and “Poe” pronounced similarly.…

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  • X-Linked Ichthyosis Research Paper

    gene is responsible for making steroid sulfate enzyme. Steroid sulfatase is the enzyme whose mutation or deletion causes the disease X-linked Ichthyosis. Located on the distal end of the X chromosome, 90% of patients with X-linked Ichthyosis have complete deletions of the the gene, other cases include partial deletions (Panthagani). This gene is located on chromosome X at band XP 22.3. Hence, the disorder is also known as Steroid Sulfatase Deficiency Disease (DoveMed). STS is important in the…

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  • Serial Correlation Essay

    Introduction. Serial correlation can be defined as a relationship between elements within a time series. It can affect the variance of our estimators, and cause us to incorrectly estimate our true mean, Y ̅. To properly study and analyze a covariance stationary time series, we need to know something about the correlation/covariance structure. Several methods exist for dealing with serial correlation. Here, we will deal exclusively with batch means, replication/deletion, and the Mean Squared…

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  • Gene Mutation Essay Examples

    Gene Mutations Gene mutation is a permanent change in the DNA sequence that makes up a gene. Mutations are affected by the change in the DNA sequence. There can be many different types of mutations. (Department of Genetics, Stanford School of Medicine, Para I) Some examples are point mutations, missense mutation, nonsense mutation, frame shift mutation, silent mutation, deletion, insertion, and duplication. (US National Library of Medicine) These mutations can either occur naturally or actually…

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  • Double Helical Structure

    insertion, deletion, and repeat expansion. Substitution is a mutation that exchanges one base pair for another. A change in a single chemical letter such as switching an A to a G, this could lead to a change to the codon to one that encodes a different amino acid, causing a change in the protein structure produced. For example, sickle cell anaemia is caused by the substitution in the beta haemoglobin gene which alters a single amino acid in the protein produced. It is possible the the new…

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