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    Stars are a universal part of our human culture. Celebrities are compared to them, people reach for them and we try to shine like them but we often forget to actually look at them for what they are. Instead of becoming vain and trying to emulate something much grander than ourselves or be selfish and try to claim them as our own, we should be looking to the stars to remind us that we aren’t everything in this world. This is the message that David Wagoner tries to get across in his poem, The Silence Of The Stars, using metaphors, allusion and abnormal sentence construction to try and get us to stop, think and maybe look up once in awhile. One of the most prominent literary devices that Wagoner uses is allusion. Wagoner saw value in referencing the rich and famous and their blindness to the beauty of the world. He opens his poem talking of “When Lauren van der Post one night in the Kalahari Desert” talked to bushmen. As the poem goes on, it narrates the fateful night of van der Post with the Bushmen of Africa and how he could not hear the stars. The other men around the fire, the Bushmen native to the land laugh at him. Wagoner tells that van der Post is brought away from the fire by the Bushmen but still cannot hear the stars as it is assumed the others can. Although the poem is not solely about van der Post, knowing his history of how he made money off of the plight of the San people is important. Wagoner highlights the stark contrast between the rich and materialistic not…

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    to drink cold drinks by snorting.  PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS: The effect of cocaine is seen as euphoria and intense pleasure. It stimulates CNS. Mental and physical processes of a person become hyper active. It make the subject feel like he can do anything and indulge him into anti-social activities. It reduce inhibitions and acts as sexual stimulants. Intake of cocaine increases blood pressure, respiration and pulse rate. It reduces appetite and sleep, it causes constipation,thrist, sore nose and…

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    fairies secrete themselves inside the flowers, and make a snapping sound when children, holding one end of the flower bell, suddenly strike the other end on their hand to hear the clap of fairy thunder, with which the disturbed and indignant fairy makes her escape from her retreat. Besides the fact that this all seems fictional and a bit silly but when some people see this flower this is exactly what comes to mind. It has been a myth and/or truth for centuries now. Foxgloves are also the…

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