Middle Colonies Essay

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The middle colonies include New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Note: There are no promises everything will be perfect but, definitely a better life in the long run for your ancestors to live on.

I can not pay to get over: That is not an issue, You can work for 4 to 10 years as a helper to a family and your boss will pay for our ticket over. That will give you food and a place to live. As well, You have rights at your home.

Daily life
On a normal day for the middle and upper class, you 're going to have to work long hours on farms and in the house However, you get to work with your family and friends which makes the job fun. If you are a man, be ready to control the family economy and work on farms. The benefit is the young boys help you plant and harvest crops that you eat, sell, and trade
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New York trades lron, cattle, grain, rice, indigo, and wheat. As well, they build ships. How cool is that to build our very own ship. New Jersey made money ironworking and lumbering. They were a very big part of the wheat business. They trade it and make a lot of money. That can be a plus of owning a farm. Penvilina traded wheat, corn, cattle, dairy and textiles that they grew. Also paper making and shipbuilding helped them make money. In delaware, there was a lot of fishing from the delaware bay and farming. If you are fisher, delaware if your home colney to make a lot of money doing what you love. Of course, the longer summers in the middle colonies helped farmers grow crops and have more to sell.

Relationship with Native Americans
The middle colonies were closest to the Iroquois tribe. The Settlers of the middle colony had a trade post, where they traded with the iroquois. They mostly traded gold, food and fur. Other things that the merchants had with them were traded at the post. This benefits both the middle colonies and the Iroquois tribe.

William Penn 's Letter to the Indians -

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