The Benefits Of Choosing A Degree

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What is the most challenging thing people choose to go through? Now there are many different answers to this question, each being personal to whom you ask this to. Though for me,
I believe it will be going through college and picking what to major in. Debt, stress, anxiety, and countless sleepless nights all come with going through college. On top of that, you have to pick a specific degree to graduate with. With so many options how does one pick what they want to use to succeed in their career? My pick was a rather easy one though and that was to major in Business Management. My stepmother, who has become greatly successful in her career, graduated from college with this particular degree. Seeing first hand how useful this degree is, it was
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The answer for me is a easy one, and this is flexibility. We go through college and get a degree all for one reason. That is so we can get a better paying job when we graduate. With a degree in business management, I believe I can use this degree in any career I choose. The tools and skills I will learn in college will be useful in any career I choose to pursue. This is because everything in today’s world is a business. A business’ main goal is to get one thing, profit. The organization or company cannot stay functioning if it is not making a profit. A degree in business management will help me learn the skills and tools needed to make a profit in any business I choose to become part in. This is why I believe a degree in business management will be the best option in helping me get a successful career. Another important part of a career in business is being able to successfully work with people. A company is made up of individual people all working together to better the company. While studying business management I will be taught how to interact with people. Being able to effectively work with people is a major factor in being successful in the world of business. So I believe with the tools and skills I acquire with my degree in business management, I can better my chances of effectively working with other people and …show more content…
Like I stated this is a very versatile degree to have. So with any career I go into, I will be able to use this degree. I am hoping though that I can have a degree centered around investing. My dream job would be to work at a investing firm on Wall Street. The idea of going to work at one of these prestigious firms, such as Goldman Sachs or J.P. Morgan Chase, truly excites me. If this does not happen a job as a personal financial consultant would also be a career I would enjoy to have. My last resort though will be to just get a job in a corporate setting. A job in a corporation will be the best suited for a degree in Business Management. Tara Perrault, the individual I interviewed, did this with her degree. She used her degree to work her way up the corporate ladder. “I started from the bottom and worked my way up to where I am now. Having a degree in Business Management was very helpful in this.” was what Mrs. Tara said during the interview. So having a Business Management degree will help me in whatever career path I choose. Hopefully come four to five years I will be graduating, looking toward a future with a degree in Business Management. With my college days behind me, I will be then receiving job offers. These offers will only be coming to me be because I received a college degree. I only see all of these things happening if I achieve my goal of getting a degree in Business

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