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“Is a College Degree Worth It In The Long Run For Employment?” In high school, we are told to go to college after graduating from high school to get a better paying job and more job opportunities. Back in the 1990’s, a person with a high school degree could get employed easily and a college degree didn’t matter at all if you were to apply mostly anywhere. Today, in order to get a job that pays well you need a college degree because most jobs require you to have a college degree. Also you will have a higher chance of becoming employed. Yet, many people are asking themselves if a college degree is worth it in the a long run for employment? I am asking myself that question too. There are a lot people that I know who has only a high school degree they get rejected from the job that apply to. Studies have shown that if you have a bachelor or a higher degree you have higher chances of being employed than someone who have a high school degree. The employment rates for a high school degree have been …show more content…
Yet, in the article it states that, “ four- year college graduates who took out loans, average debt is about $25,000 but in a long run the job you apply to be going to pay you about 16.50 to 32.60 dollars per hour” (Leonhardt). In the act of a college degree you could see that, they still have to pay for their loans; they are more likely to get employed and get a high paying job that exceeds the amount they have to pay back to the University. Students are scared to see how much they owe back to the school because the percentage of interest increases as years passed. However having a college degree will benefit you in a long run because most jobs want you to have a college degree even those jobs that aren’t professional jobs. In the next few years, a high school degree is going to be replaced by a college degree as a requirement for employment which I could see that

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