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  • Cruise Vacations

    The demand of cruise vacations is at its peak with over 14 million vacationers opting for cruises each year. Experts also say that number will continue to rise if the amenities and experiences offered by cruise lines remain the same or become better. A cruise offers you a totally new experience, with a setting to relax, stops at multiple destinations, an option to try a variety of activities and enjoy world-class entertainment and fun adventures. In short, a cruise tour has everything that you need for a great family vacation, a romantic couple’s getaway and an adventurous cruise journey for each individual. If you are interested for a vacation of a lifetime on a cruise, here are top 10 choices of cheap cruise for you. 1. Norwegian Cruise Line:…

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  • Disadvantages Of Carnival Cruises

    Cruise Tip #1 - Book your next cruise while still aboard the ship. Carnival cruises will many times offer great incentives and discounts when you take advantage of this offer. Many ships will have an agent on board to serve you with significant savings and credits to passengers who take advantage of this great option. You always have the option to alter or cancel the reservation if your plans happen to change. Carnival cruises will allow you to alter the reservation with no penalty if it is done…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Cruise Vacation

    You are getting ready for your much anticipated cruise vacation. The best way to maximize your cruise travel is to have some of these cruise tips about the little things you should know. Many cruisers have questions about phoning home, seasickness, laundry facilities, and photography while on their cruise vacation. These are not big items that should concern you during your cruise travel but helpful hints nonetheless. Phoning home always gives one peace of mind when they are on vacation. It is…

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  • Descriptive Essay About A Cruise

    not sleep the night before our cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. Excitement had gotten the best of me. It was the day of the cruise. We all met 5:30am sharp outside of our friend Aaron’s house. All of us carpooled together in Joey’s car and hit the road to Long Beach, California; where it is the home of the Carnival Corporation’s Long Beach Cruise Terminal. When we arrived we can see all the cruise ships that were departing that day. First we went through the terminals, sorted everything and proceeded…

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  • Cruise Tourism Case Study

    The type of tourist that I am going to write about is cruise tourist. Having a vacation on a cruise is rather affordable. Cruise tourism nowadays has been an alternate choice for tourists to reach their desired destination. Compare to airlines, tourists would prefer to choose cruises. This is due to the variety of entertainments such as casinos, pools and shows. Tourists would definitely like to spend their time and money on a cruise over an airline. In terms of cruises, different cruises offer…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On A Cruise Ship

    In May 2008, I went on a cruise to the Bahamas with my family and my cousins. It was our annual family reunion and we decided to do something different this year. I remember it like it was yesterday; we woke up at the crack of dawn on a Thursday morning. When we got on the Carnival Paradise, after driving all morning to Florida. My sister Quantoria, and I were very excited to go on our first cruise. The best thing about the cruise to me is the unlimited about of food that you could eat. It…

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  • Narrative Essay On A Cruise Ship

    There it was! George was thrilled with what he was experiencing--he about to board a one thousand, one hundred and eighty-seven feet cruise ship. It was George's dream to go on the biggest cruise ship in the world. The cruise ship had many floors with loads of different entertainment. George had a plan of what he would do every second he spent on the cruise ship. George was ready to dash on the cruise ship when the doors were ready to open. Once the doors opened, George gently shoved everyone…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience On A Cruise

    I have been on a cruise and it was a blast. The reasons it was so fun is because of the food, the people I saw on there, and the sights. The food was amazing; the best part about the food was that it was all free. The food was included when you paid for the cruise. I ate so many grilled cheese sandwiches I was sick. There were also all different types of people on this ship. There were big people, small people, and all different races of people. I have not left my hometown very much and I do not…

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  • Carnival Cruise: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

    When I was sixteen, my family and I decided we wanted to have an adventures summer. We wanted a summer that we would remember for the rest of our life’s, which was a cruise around the Caribbean Sea. The cruise was called Carnival Cruise which took sailed from Galveston to Cayman Island then to Jamaica, following Cozumel then back to Galveston. This cruise was a seven-day, six-night travel on a ginormous cruise ship that contained over three-thousand guest, not including all the workers and…

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  • Carnival Cruise Line Marketing Strategy

    When thinking about cruise lines the number one thought is Carnival cruise line however Norwegian cruise line is quickly coming up from one of the top spots to rival carnival with their brand publicity. Norwegian is a global company with twenty five different ships that stop at more than four hundred fifty destinations all over the world to offer their customers multiple options as they continue to grow this number. They are credited with the revolution of having flexible cruises that do not…

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