Cruise ship pollution

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  • Venice Destination Analysis

    In 2005 - 2006 ,a survey conducted by Venice Terminal Passenger (VTP) and Astoria portuale di Venezia(APV) shown that the average spending of each passengers of the cruise in Venice is €107 each day.(Melanie, 2012) The cruise industry benefited the economy of Italy the most with more than €4.6 billion of direct business impact and over 102000 jobs are about this industry. (Raoul de Forcade, 2015) In Venice, 1 shop out of 6 lives and 33 per cent of the hotel lives are because of the cruise industry. It also provides 1 in 6 jobs in the city. (Travelmail Reporter,2003) A study by CLIA Riposte Truism commissioned stated that the ban of the cruise to access Venice is significantly decreasing the benefits of economic since total direct spending for 2014 to 2015 are €40 million lessen and this affect the entire Adriatic region, not only to the Venice. (Raoul de Forcade, 2015)Not only the tourists, the crew members are also spending money at Venice. Although they need to work and have limited time on shopping, they will keep going to Venice because of the working shift. The expenditure of the cruise members are calculated at €5.9 million.(Giuseppe, 2014) Therefore, cruise ship plays an considerable role of Venice economy. However, the benefit from the cruise…

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  • What Is The Legal External Environment Affect The Cruise Industry?

    national laws, may affect the cruise industry. Cruise companies often try to avoid legal factors such as national taxes and labour laws by registering their organisation and cruise liners in foreign countries with a weak political environment, such as Panama, the Bahamas, and Liberia (Burke, 2009). This is often stated as the ‘flag of convenience’. This frequently results in employees of cruises being underpaid, mistreated and they will often lack the ability to purse lawsuits. This is an…

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  • Haines: Future In Tourism

    Furthermore, a decreasing trend in cruise ships docking declined between 1988 and 1989. At this point locals again turned to their government to find ways to promote the city as a tourism destination. Unfortunately, it seems that they like to keep waiting, until they are in trouble economically. Therefore, they have to learn how to envision for the future. It also seems that they do not take a good care of their city, since the government had to create training programs to teach them how to…

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  • Tallink Group Case Study

    The Business Strategy of Tallink Group The Group’s vision for 2014 is to be a market leader in the cruise line industry of Europe by offering world class services in leisure and business travel. The Group’s Strategy is to: 1. Strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction 2. Increase the volumes and strengthen the market position in the region 3. Develop wide range of quality services for different customers and to pursue new growth opportunities 4. Maintain an optimal debt level that…

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  • New Zealand Tourism Essay

    Our clean green and beautiful image plays a large part in this and how low pollution is here, our air is so fresh clean and clear. Our culture which can be interesting to tourist and they want to learn more about it. Our climate changes also give New Zealand challenges, especially in Europe and the United Kingdom, this may affect the visitor arrival number if visitors start flying less. With the current state of Tourism in New Zealand, there are becoming more and more opportunities that will…

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  • Italy And Greece Research Paper

    I was rooming with anymore and I was over the whole being in a different time zone than my family. After the first day in Athens we boarded a cruise ship for a three-day cruise around the Greek islands. The cruise was not good for me, I was extremely sick the whole time, I missed my family and I just wanted to go home. I bought Wi-Fi to make sure I could talk to my mom and see my siblings and I was missing the fourth of July which is one of my favorite holidays. I did enjoy the excursions off…

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  • Reasons To Visit Cuba

    Cuba is one of the most exotic destinations. It is maybe unsafe for some people due to the Political issues and situation. But this island offers a lot, it welcomes more and more tourists throughout the year all eager to enjoy its colonial architecture, beaches, and distinctive tropical atmosphere. But because of its tropical weather and location, you should know the best time to visit Cuba as well as you should know what to pack so that you should not miss anything. While planning a trip you…

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  • Taaras Hotel Case Study

    4.2 Hotel Attraction Taaras resort, is a beach and spa resort which located few kilometers away from the small island found just outside of the East Coast of tropical island in Malaysia namely Terengganu. The resort is filled with contemporary barefoot luxury experience accompany by the 5-star private beach residence and a sixteen meter infinity swimming pool, personal fitness and both interior and exterior lounge decks. The hotel has more than 183 stylish suites and rooms as well as five…

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  • Yachting Industry Research Paper

    of the most visited point for taking cruises beside Florida and the Caribbean. We can find different yachts harbors along Nice, Antibes, Golfe Juan and Cannes, as we can also find different job’s opportunities in various fields as restaurants and hotels but also in the yachting industry. People from all over the world arrive to these small cities in order to be part of the crew of a boat and join the different itineraries around the French Riviera, the Caribbean or other places. In order…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On A Cruise Ship

    In May 2008, I went on a cruise to the Bahamas with my family and my cousins. It was our annual family reunion and we decided to do something different this year. I remember it like it was yesterday; we woke up at the crack of dawn on a Thursday morning. When we got on the Carnival Paradise, after driving all morning to Florida. My sister Quantoria, and I were very excited to go on our first cruise. The best thing about the cruise to me is the unlimited about of food that you could eat. It…

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