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  • Fepo3 Crystal Structure

    Paragraph 1 This paper talks about how the crystal structure of FePO4will change at different ranges of temperatures. FePO4 has a crystal structure which is similar to quartz, which is made up of 2 phases at different temperatures. At low temperature, FePO4 will demonstrate α phase till the transition temperature of 980K before demonstrating the β phase. Space group of α phase FePO4 is said to be P3121, thus suggesting it has a trigonal structure. As for β phase FePO4, the space group will be P6422, which suggests it has a hexagonal structure. The main reason behind this change is that during the transition period from α phase to β phase at 980K, the tetrahedral structure will start to rotate leading to a tilt angle, δ, being formed. As for…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Crystal Structures And Crystal Chemistry Of

    500 words) Compare and contrast the crystal structures and crystal chemistry of quartz, α-FePO4 and β-FePO4 To compare quartz, α-FePO4 and β-FePO4, it is essential to look at their crystal structures and crystal chemistry. This can be done by observing their three-dimensional structures as well as their reactions to various degrees of temperature. This particular research takes a look at the structure of FePO4 between temperatures of 294K to 1073K. At lower temperatures, FePO4 takes on its…

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  • Importance Of Crystal Structure Of Materials

    The crystal structure of a material provides variety of important concepts on various scales. A proper understanding of the internal structure of the material through the characterization methods has become essential to identify the novel materials for a specific device application. Currently wide range of experimental methods is available to know the mechanical, chemical or electrical properties of the chosen materials. In this work, the prepared samples are studied using various techniques…

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  • Differences Between Crystal Structures And Crystal Chemistry Of Quartz

    There are both similarities and differences between the crystal structures and crystal chemistry of quartz, α-FePO4 and β-FePO4. One of the observed differences is that when the quartz is present at different temperatures. The α-FePO4 phase when present at low temperatures, tend towards the values obtained for β-FePO4 at high temperature. In addition, this case is true for all α quartz when at low temperature, in that it will tend to the values obtained for its respective β quartz experienced at…

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  • Quartz Lab

    Written Exercise Paragraph 1 1. Lattice symmetry of quartz, α-FePO4 and β-FePO4: Quartz has a trigonal lattice structure with space group P3121 (group no. 152). At any temperature below 980K, Iron phosphate exists as α-FePO4, which has a trigonal lattice structure with space group P3121 (group no. 152) where iron, phosphate and oxygen occupy Wyckoff position 3a, 3b and 6c respectively. As the temperature rises up to and above 980K, α-FePO4 exhibits α-β transition and becomes β-FePO4 that shows…

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  • Comparing The Crystal Structure Of Feo4 And Α-Fepo4

    PARAGRAPH 1 Comparing the crystal structure of α-FePO4 & β-FePO4 Firstly, the crystal structures of the alpha and beta Iron Phosphate can be identified from the paper. The lower temperature form, α-FePO4, has the space group P3121, while the higher temperature form β-FePO4, has the space group: P6422. These space groups translates to the lattice symmetry of trigonal and hexagonal respectively. The two space groups are chiral. α-FePO4 is the main form of Iron Phosphate in room temperature since…

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  • Bsmutl Model Summary

    create a model based off the crystal structure of the endonuclease domain of Bacillus subtilis MutL. This structure, in particular, exposes the presence of zinc in the binding site which is important for the MMR function of BsMutL in vivo. From there, they proposed a model describing the association of MutS and DNA polymerase III, β clamp with MutL, and nicking of a synthesized DNA strand. The importance of MutL is in its united effort with MutS to recognize mismatches and interactions of the β…

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  • Structure Of Isotinamide

    TITLE: QUALITATIVE PHASE IDENTIFICATION & CRYSTAL STRUSTURE ANALYSIS OF ISONICOTINAMIDE POLYMORPHS. INTRODUCTION The science of crystallography is important in stability studies and determination of solid state molecule or particles. Isonicotinamide (pyridine -4- carboxamide) is the amide form of isonicotinic acid which exists as different polymorphs. Isonicotinamide finds extensive use in the pharmaceutical industry because of its good anti-tubercular, anti-bacterial, anti-pyretic and…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Determination Of The Crystal Structure Of M3 (Xo4) 2

    cell. M3H(XO4)2 exhibits a superprotonic productivity with the conductor: the Cs3H(SeO4)2 crystal at or above 456K (TI---II). In this reaction, there are 3 phases in which the M3H(XO4)2 crystal displays different degrees of symmetry, Phase I, Phase II and Phase III. In this reaction, Phase II is first defined as where the temperature is below 396K. The crystal structure of M3H(XO4)2 is an example of a monoclinic system. If at the room temperatures of 298K, this has the space group of C2/m.…

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  • Friction Characteristics Of NCD Vs Alumina Balls Analysis

    3.4. Friction Characteristics of the NCD, MCD and boron doped NCD Coatings against Alumina Balls The friction coefficient curves of NCD, MCD and boron-doped diamond films sliding with Al2O3 balls are shown in figure 4, figure 5 and figure 6, respectively, for a sliding speed of 8 m/s and a load of 1N, 5N and 10N, respectively. Figure 4 (a), figure 5 (a) and figure 6 (a) show the friction coefficient of NCD, MCD and BDNCD at 1 N, respectively. Figure 4 (b), figure 5 (b) and figure 6 (b) show…

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