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  • Stress Corrosion Cracking Case Study

    Study of Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) in Alloys Jiang Jingxing 1. Introduction of Stress Corrosion Cracking Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) is the growth of cracks with a under the combined effects of a static stress and a specific chemical environment. All SCC failures involve a macroscopic brittle performance, and the ductility of the material is reduced. It is universally acknowledged that there is no single mechanism for stress corrosion cracking (Ford, 1984). Stress corrosion spectrum (Parkins, 1972) demonstrates the significant alloy-environment the mechanism involved. Stress corrosion spectrum is shown as Figure 1. Figure.1 Stress corrosion spectrum Stress Corrosion Cracking contains two main stages:…

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  • Optical Spectroscopy Essay

    and bond stiffness of materials. Optical spectroscopy can be observed using different types of equipment, such as, a spectrometer, a light collecting fiber, and tubes of certain types of gas (He, H2O, H2 and O2). The data collected displays the peak wavelengths for each of the gases, which can be used to determine the energy released when the electrons change energy levels. Overall, it was interesting to see how certain wavelengths of light relate to different types of gases. On the other hand,…

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  • Berea College Application Essay

    During my graduate studies, I plan on studying aerospace engineering, with an emphasis of materials. Specifically, how materials behave and endure in extreme conditions like high radiation, high and low temperatures, and long durations of vacuum exposure. Once I graduate with my PhD in Aerospace Engineering, I will continue to conduct research and teach students as a research professor. Through my academia, I have found joy in helping my peers understand complex ideas and concepts within…

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  • Kitty Hach-Darrow: A Career In Chemistry

    matter, but I ended up creating a homemade photography studio in my cellar. Somebody had given me an old enlarger, and I thought, “Well, okay, what do we do with this thing? And we set up this little lab in the cellar. And I read up on what to do and how to make the chemicals and that sort of thing. My parents were pretty open about what we wanted to do, and so long as I didn’t carry the chemicals into the house, my mother was fine.” She continued her career and she took a class of freshman…

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  • Electroreceptor Sensor Case Study

    think of an application or solution to that problem. For example when I think of a electroreceptor I would have said possible applications such as a passive way of monitoring the output of electro signals on circuits to see where the a break is and in electric panels to see if the capacitors are discharged. Knowing my thought pattern I would not have went with this application, if that was the case I would not have learned about electrical engineering and not learn from my jumping to…

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  • Bearing Ring Essay

    Computer Science and Technology, Central South University, Changsha,410083.China) Abstract: For the bearing ring is easy to appear fatigue failure, the heating turning method is proposed for outer circle of the bearing to achieve better surface quality to improve the service life of the bearing ring. In this paper after the inner circles of the bearing rings are pre-heated at the condition of 20℃,100℃,160℃and 240℃ respectively, and maintained the corresponding temperature, then the outer…

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  • Auxetic Materials Essay

    Over the years, the industries of structural, mechanical, aerospace engineering, materials science, medicine, prosthetics, and many more have called for stronger, lightweight, low maintenance materials to withhold the stresses and loads that come with everyday usage of materials. Material scientists and engineers have studied and manufactured composite materials to cater to the needs of these various industries; however, composites have limitations as well. Many composites need repairs after…

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  • Tribological Theory Of Tribology

    1.6 TRIBOLOGY The greek word tribo means rubbing (William 1994). It is the science of intermingling of the surfaces which are in sliding and/or rolling motion. In 1996, Tribology was first reported by Jost, England. It has 3 portions. These are A) friction B) Lubrication and C) wear. To understand the tribological behavior, it entails the knowledge of various subjects such as Physics, chemistry, Mathematics, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Material science etc., Tribological problem leads to the…

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  • ASTM Standards: Consensus Standards For Systems, Services, Materials And Product

    ASTM STANDARDS Short introduction – ASTM standards are consensus standards for systems, services, materials and products. ‘ASTM International’ is one of the largest voluntary standard developing organization in the world. It is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for the development and publication of international voluntary standards. There are approximately 12,575 ASTM standards that operate globally. TESTING ASTM STANDARDS- Scope- There test methods help in the determining of…

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  • Friction Characteristics Of NCD Vs Alumina Balls Analysis

    volume wear rate as a function of time was evidenced during the test since the vertical movement was negligible, a few micrometers at the end of the test. At this point, the final wear rate of the ball is indeed about 5x10-17 m3 (N/m). The wear of the diamond coated disc is too low to be measured and the wear track is just polished, as detected by SEM and confirmed by the AFM measurements. This lack of coating wear of the disc results from the short test duration due to the ball wearing more…

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