Berea College Application Essay

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My undergraduate education is quite unique compared to many other students. I attend Berea College, a small liberal arts school in Berea, Kentucky. Berea is one of few schools in the U.S. that gives every student a full tuition scholarship. Berea is capable of awarding its students full tuition scholarship because of it Student Labor Program. Every students is required to work a minimum of ten hours a week in return for the full tuition scholarship, and many students including myself, work fifteen to twenty hours a week. This has given me an opportunity to attain a higher education without having to take out student loans.
Not only has Berea been an outstanding opportunity financially, but it has also been a privilege to have the chance to achieve valuable skills that are exclusive to the classroom. I have learned the importance of working hard, maintaining academic and work schedules effectively, and engaging with a diverse group of students from around the world. Berea has shaped me into a well-rounded individual, both personally and academically.
During my academic journey through my undergraduate studies, I have had the
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During my graduate studies, I plan on studying aerospace engineering, with an emphasis of materials. Specifically, how materials behave and endure in extreme conditions like high radiation, high and low temperatures, and long durations of vacuum exposure. Once I graduate with my PhD in Aerospace Engineering, I will continue to conduct research and teach students as a research professor. Through my academia, I have found joy in helping my peers understand complex ideas and concepts within physics. I absolutely love the moment when someone I am helping has a light bulb moment, and makes a breakthrough in their problem. Ideally, I would like to be a research professor that helps undergraduate and graduate students pursue their passion through

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