Personal Narrative: Disney Dreamers Academy

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If Steve Harvey had asked me to tell him my story, I would tell him about my determination and leadership. I came from a small private school and throughout my years of sports, I fell in love with volleyball. If I had walked into tryouts without putting in any of the work I had put in, I wouldn't have made it. I worked five days a week for at least three hours whether it be private lessons at nine at night or open gyms early in the morning. While doing this I managed volunteering at a summer camp five days a weeks from seven in the morning to three in the afternoon. I also had been raising money for my community's commercial club. I had ended up raising $3,000 this year and in overall throughout the years $10,000. I managed to do all of this …show more content…
What are your strengths and weaknesses that may impact your ability to reach this dream and how will Disney Dreamers Academy help to increase the odds of your …show more content…
Then I plan to become a teacher and help shape the minds of students who are less fortunate and to give them a life to believe in. Through education and life lessons I hope they can achieve their dreams by believing in themselves. I believe that my leadership abilities, courage, kindness, and nurturing would impact my ability to fulfill my dreams. Some of examples of when I have used these qualities are I am always willing to volunteer. For example, I worked at a summer camp mostly five days a week, organized a cancer benefit in third grade, hosted a stuffed animal drive for young cancer patients, and raised over 10k for my local community. I have also used my leadership qualities by being the President of Beta Club Honor Society and a member of ASC. I feel as though Disney Dreamers Academy will help increase my odds of success by helping me be patient in tough situations and learning other way that I could help those who are less fortunate, that need a lending hand.

Question 3: Describe an experience that has had a big impact on you. Discuss the experience, your actions in response to this experience, and the impact on your goals for the

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