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  • Sophie Germain's Life And Accomplishments

    Sophie Germain was born during a time of revolution in France (Laubenbacher and Pengelley, 5). This is very fitting because Germain, in her own way, was a revolutionary. She became interested in mathematics at a very young age, and without any sort of formal education or training became one of the greatest mathematicians in history (Swift). Germain fought against gender stereotypes during her life and fought for recognition as a female mathematician (Swift). Throughout her life, Germain refused to give up, even when her lack of formal education put her at a disadvantage (Swift). Throughout Germain’s life, it is clear that she was determined and dedicated to the study of mathematics, never letting any of her disadvantages stop her from pursuing her passion. This unfaltering determination is what sets her apart from many other mathematicians and makes her an inspiration for aspiring mathematicians, especially women. Marie-Sophie Germain was born in Paris, France on April 1, 1776 to a wealthy middle class family. Her father, Ambroise-Francois, worked as a silk merchant and later became the director of the Bank of France (Swift). The French Revolution began thirteen years after Germain was born and this affected Germain’s childhood (Laubenbacher and Pengelley, 5). During the revolution,…

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  • Hypatia's Contributions And Gender Differences

    women have struggled to gain complete acceptance in the mathematics field. “Mathematics is seen as a male-dominated field and it has been an uphill battle for women trying to break into the field” (Solomon 172). Despite this, there have been several women throughout history who have made significant contributions to and impacts in the field of mathematics. The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact and experiences of female mathematicians, and gender differences in this field. This paper…

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  • Paul Lockhart Mathematician Lament

    Mathematician Lament Paul Lockhart wrote a paper criticizing the current model for mathematic education and how it is inevitably failing to actually teach students math. He states that math should actually be considered a part of the arts (Paul Lockhart pg.3), the reason that students not only lack a sense of interest but an inability to properly learn math is because it isn 't treated as an art. The current practice of giving students overly complicated processes to learn math when in…

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  • Why Are Mathematicians Important To The World

    Mathematicians have been around for centuries. They have contributed great amounts of knowledge to the world. A mathematician is a person who excels or is an expert in mathematics. One specific mathematician that brought great ideas into the world was Gottfried Leibniz. He contributed a lot to mathematics, science, physics, philosophy and even his local government. Mathematicians are very important because without them we would not have many important theories that explain why certain things…

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  • Katherine Johnson New Mathematician

    West Virginia is full of rolling mountains ranges with valleys tucked in between the stretches of mountains. The valleys are beautiful and full life, a stark difference to the tall cold mountains that surround them. These valleys are an evident outlier in the environment around them. Katherine Johnson is another prime example of an outlier from West Virginia. Her endless intelligence and affinity for numbers made her stand out among her peers as future mathematician. This affinity for numbers…

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  • Marjorie Lee Browne: Famous Mathematician

    Do you know who some of the famous black mathematicians were ? As you know there are several great mathematicians who were known for what they did back then . This African American women was the first to receive a doctorate in mathematics. She was also noted as a noted mathematics educator . She was at the age of sixty- five when she passed away . The name of this …

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  • The Joy Of Pi Analysis

    books on various subjects, attempts to explain why mathematicians continue to approximate pi to this day. He believes that they continue to do so because it poses a challenge, and it is in human nature to conquer that challenge. He tries to relay this belief to his readers through a number of different methods including, a history of pi, explaining why pi is fascinating, and how pi appears in the natural world. His writing style, text format, book format, and content all excellently cater…

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  • Dirichlet And Legesgue, Henri Lebesgue's Contribution To Mathematics

    Abstract—The idea of Riemann integration is now popular and very helpful in mathematics. In this paper we explore the background of mathematicians Henri Lebesgue, Peter Gustav Lejeune-Dirichlet and Bernhard Riemann. We discover some of their contributions to mathematics and how they all contributed to this famous concept of Riemann integration. Index Terms— Bernhard Riemann, Henri Lebesgue, Peter Gustav Lejeune-Dirichlet, Riemann integration I. INTRODUCTION Even though the idea of calculus…

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  • Constructivism: The Relation Between Mathematics And Christianity

    Are Mathematics and Christianity related at all? For some, mathematics is simply rules, laws, and axioms that are used to make sense of problems. For others mathematics is the language God used to create universe in its entirety. Either way, certain questions continue to puzzle mathematicians such as: are mathematics invented by human minds to unlock the many mysteries of the world, or are these mathematical truths embedded in God’s nature and henceforth used in the creation of the world?…

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  • Sir Isaac Newton's Law Of Motion

    Sir Isaac Newton was an english physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton was most famous for his law of gravitation. Newton was born on January 4, 1643, in Woolsthorpe, England the same year Galileo died Newton only lived 85 years. Isaac Newton was established physicist and mathematician, and is credited as one of the great minds of the 17th century Scientific Revolution. With discoveries in optics, motion and mathematician, Newton developed the principles of modern physics.Isaac Newton was one…

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