Maternal death

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  • Lack Of Abortion

    a major controversial topic in the United States regarding legal issues. Many people are against it, while others believe that it is the right of the mother to decide if she wants to carry the baby to full term or not. There has been an ongoing battle in the United States for many years regarding this issue and many people, especially women who have been raped and sexually assaulted are affected by the decisions that the society and government makes. As a result of such tragic occurrences, often times women choose to not have their child. However, a barrier of access to abortion is a social problem affecting many women and families in poverty, which ultimately leads to negative outcomes such as breaking the law, hospitalization, and even death. Abortion is a difficult subject amongst many. It is especially difficult for a woman to terminate her pregnancy as this can have lifelong effects on the mental and emotional state of a woman. Women generally do not want an abortion without a valid reason and often times it can benefit not just the mother but also an entire family. For example, this problem of limitations on abortion access can affect families, especially those in poverty who cannot afford another child. Additionally, it can affect families in a sense where if they do not have enough money to fly to another state to legally obtain an abortion, then they are forced to either bring the child to life or illegally and dangerously obtain an abortion. Illegal abortions can…

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  • The Biomedical Model

    The reproductive system is the revolving focus in women 's health discourse. The events of pregnancy and motherhood are generally important milestones that may occur in the lives of women. According to the World Health Organization (2014), each day there are approximately 800 maternal deaths across the globe due to childbirth complications, and 99% of which are preventable deaths that occur in developing countries. The reason for this is that mothers face more difficulty in accessing health…

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  • African American Women In The 20th Century

    During the first half of the 20th century, the world of medical research began to flourish. As new treatments for chronic illnesses were being discovered, physicians, researchers, and social reformers sought to improve women’s health. Despite racial discrimination and poverty struggles, the efforts made greatly improved women’s access to healthcare. Maternal and infant death rates began to improve along with doctors’ attitudes towards their female patients. During a time period plagued with an…

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  • Community Health Care Analysis

    In this week’s paper, I will be reflecting on the last several years living in Koraro, Ethiopia and my experience with death within this community or in the local health care facility that I worked in. I will describe in detail my first experience with death, such as the circumstance, and my feelings or emotions that were stimulated within me. I will explain how the community dealt with it. I will compare this situation to the ways it would have been dealt with had it happened in the United…

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  • Argument Against Planned Parenthood

    sacrifice the 97 percent of its public health work that had nothing to do with abortion, from which many people benefit directly” (“Political” 1). The Scientific American, a science and technology magazine, claims that 97% of all work done in a Planned Parenthood facility have nothing to do with abortion and actually focuses on various cancer screenings and educational services. Seventy-five percent of women seeking guidance are from low-income families or have a low-income themselves and…

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  • Millennium Development Goals In Nectar In A Sieve

    These needs include; reducing hunger, achieving universal primary education, empowering women, reducing childhood mortality, decreasing the spread of diseases, reducing maternal mortality, increasing environmental stability, and creating global partnerships (Millennium Development Goals, 2015). Throughout the novel, Nectar in A Sieve, the family struggles to achieve an acceptable standard of living. Since then, the Millennium Development Goals were to be completely adopted for an achievement…

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  • Maternal Mortality

    In the following report, the variable Maternal Mortality, and the variable Number of Physicians will be examined. The hypothesis going into this examination is that the two variables will have a strong relationship. The aim of this bivariate investigation is to determine whether or not this theory is correct. At first examination, it was decided that the two variables would be related, as the likelihood of maternal death during childbirth is increasingly unlikely when the number of doctors…

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  • Maternal Mortality Case Study

    Maternal Mortality has been on a steady decline in developed countries such as the United States. However, in the under-developed areas maternal mortality rates have remained unusually high. The alarming issue is not a new and emerging topic, however with over half a million women dying each year due to pregnancy complications the issue has become one of great prominence (Hunt & Bueno de Mesquita, 2014). In order to improve the issues changes must be made at the economical, social, political,…

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  • Maternal Health Issues

    Maternal health is defined as the health of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.(“WHO | Maternal health,” 2016) It is used as an indicator for evaluating the quality of health care systems and is assessed using estimates of maternal mortality and morbidity rates. Maternal health is a significant aspect of the health of populations and the repeated emphasis placed on this health issue by global institutions and local governments over the years, reiterates its importance.…

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  • Concepts Of Birth And Death

    Regardless of culture, location or time, death and birth have always been two concepts that humans have always been keen to discuss. On one hand, we have the spiritual and esoteric comprehension of these features, and on the other hand, the more material qualities as presented by trends, statistics and records. Just as much as the concept of birth and death can tell us a great deal of information in the social properties of a given group, the actual recorded births and deaths can explain a…

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