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  • The Wander Poem Analysis

    The Wander is an Elegy-style poem that depicts the suffering, exile, and memoirs of an anonymous narrator who refers to himself differently according to what part of his life he is sharing; a "Lone-dweller", an "Earth-stepper", ect. Although it is commonly believed that there is only one narrator, there is still a lot of debate on whether or not there was only one narrator throughout the poem or if there were several. The Wanderer is believed to have been created around the 5th or 6th…

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  • Tragedy In A Late Walk By Robert Frost

    There is a great deal of well-known poets that lived a very tragic life. There is a great deal of depth in many people’s poems. I personally believe however that one person in particular has suffered through tragedy throughout his life, and his poems are fun to read and decipher the true complex meaning behind the words. Robert Frost is an early twentieth century American poet, who in the poem, “A Late Walk,” wrote about complex social and philosophical themes set in rural life in New England.…

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  • The Pit And The Pendulum Analysis

    “The Pit and the Pendulum” “The Pit and the Pendulum,” the story of life and death. The narrator is sentenced to death during the inquisition, waiting for his execution he is trapped in a dark dungeon. The narrator believes he is going to die in this dungeon which is unusual because executions are usually public. In this dungeon is a small pit in the center and a pendulum swinging from the ceiling slowly descending to kill the narrator. The pendulum retracted into the ceiling and the narrator…

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  • Yalom's Model Of Existentialism In A Christmas Carol By Tolstoy

    own destiny (Yalom, 2008), and he identified “four ultimate concerns” as the key to all human existence; death, freedom, isolation and meaningless, and stated, “The individual’s confrontation with these facts of life constitutes the content of the existential dynamic conflict” (Yalom, 1980 p. 8). Death is the central part of Yalom’s philosophy, as we are all aware death is inevitable, “death is always with us, scratching at some inner door, walking softly, barely audible, just under the…

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  • The Meaning Of Death In A Confession By Lev Tolstoy

    we get older the thought of death begins to creep into our mind. The thought of dying one day makes us question whether our accomplishments will mean anything at all. The same troubled Lev Tolstoy, a Russian novelist. In his late middle age, Tolstoy began to question the meaning of his life. He claimed in his book, A Confession, that the inevitability of death means all human accomplishment is in vain. In this paper, I will argue that Tolstoy is wrong because while death is inevitable, human…

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  • Analysis Of Daddy By Sylvia Plath

    In what ways does Sylvia Plath make use of the language in order to make the poem convincing? "Daddy" is a confessional and a very passionate poem composed by American writer Sylvia Plath. It was composed on October 12, 1962 in the blink of an eye before her passing. With the striking utilization of symbolism, Plath makes a imagery of her father,Otto Plath, utilizing different analogies to portray her association with him. Otto Plath kicked the bucket when Sylvia was eight years of age because…

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  • Spring Day Poem Analysis

    friends. From the MV, it gives a different perspective to the song which could mean a death of a friend, perhaps from suicide. "Yeah, I hate you. You left me but I never stopped thinking about you" the lyrics hints that a friend has passed away or committed suicide. I mean, why would you hate someone who has passed away? It's most likely due to the person choosing to end her life, somehow experiencing an unfair death. The audience would relate, especially to the younger generation, who…

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  • Pessimistic View In Hamlet

    life or death, farther he still shows rage and rash decisions that he made throughout the whole play (46), the main examples Foley uses as rash decisions or behaviors is the killing of Polonius and agreeing to the fencing match against a man who wanted him dead in Laertes, organized by Claudius who also wanted Hamlet dead. Foley brings Hamlets fear of death forward when the gravedigger shows him Yoricks skull in act 5 scene 1. Showing that “Hamlet continues instead to view life and death as…

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  • Aakhiri Patt Summary: The Last Leaf By O. Henry

    The last leaf is a short story written by O.Henry in 1907 and it was translated in Hindi as Aakhiri Patta by children’s fiction writer Arvind Gupta.The story is about two young artists Joanna and Sue who live together in Greenwich Village, New York City. Joanna was down with Pneumonia and in those days there was no cure for pneumonia and so while lying on her bed she used to stare at a tree which lost most of its leaves and made her mind that the day the last leaf falls, she will die.Meanwhile,…

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  • Importance Of Eric Birling In An Inspector Calls

    Eric Birling is a seemingly less important character in J.B. Priestley’s thriller, An Inspector Calls, but upon deep analysis, we can see that Eric is a character of great significance and has a huge impact on the play. This can be seen through the structure and shape of this whodunit and some of the language and stage directions. Eric is a very effective tool that Priestley uses to keep the tension going; be it the difference of opinion he has with his father or the suspicious behaviour, or…

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