Maternal death

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  • Importance Of Eric Birling In An Inspector Calls

    Eric Birling is a seemingly less important character in J.B. Priestley’s thriller, An Inspector Calls, but upon deep analysis, we can see that Eric is a character of great significance and has a huge impact on the play. This can be seen through the structure and shape of this whodunit and some of the language and stage directions. Eric is a very effective tool that Priestley uses to keep the tension going; be it the difference of opinion he has with his father or the suspicious behaviour, or…

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  • Allusion In Michael Mcfee's 'In Media Res'

    The famed psychologist Sigmund Freud believed that human beings have an innate lean toward and interest in death, known as the Thanatos drive (Kli). At some point in the life of every individual, the reality of ever-approaching death drives them to scrutinize their decaying bodies. In his poem, In Media Res, Michael McFee relies upon thoughtful imagery, biblical and literary allusion, and unexpected connotative language to examine the eerie experiences of a middle-aged man as he struggles to…

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  • The Five People You Meet In Heaven Analysis

    start out like any usual story. Mitch Albom started this story out with the death day of the main character, Eddie. Eddie meets five people in Heaven, The Blue Man, The Captain, Ruby, Marguerite, and Tala. These five people show Eddie his meaning of being on Earth without Eddie realizing it. “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” is written by Mitch Albom who shows that the setting, characters, and theme to show how a death has a bigger impact on more people than one may think. Mitch Albom is a…

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  • The Consequences And Effects Of An Ageing Population

    associated with the falling in birth rates will lead to “soon reach the point where each succeeding generation of mothers will be smaller than the last“ (Pearce, 2010, pp 293-294), which means that the number of births will not counterbalance the number of deaths, so the population will not be able to naturally renew. 1 ! Besides, some economical issues result from “the demographic time bomb“.…

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  • Kalaame Mawla Analysis

    maut or death. There are a total of 18 verses on this subject, found in the Kalaame Mawla under the title of Bayaane Piri wa Miragkaa – Narration on Old Age and Death. Maut or death is indeed a very important fact of our existence. Just as physical life is a significant component of our existence, likewise physical death is an equally important part of our existence. Just as physical life is an undeniable reality of our existence, similarly physical…

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  • The Symbolism Of Water In 'The Love Suicides Of Amijima'

    life. In The Love Suicides of Amijima, Jihei and Koharu decide to end their lives alongside a river. The selection of the river for the location of their suicide could have been almost ironic. Because water represents life, using life as a place for death could be…

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  • Examples Of Figurative Language In Because I Could Not Stop For Death

    I could not stop for Death” by Emily Dickinson is a straightforward, yet neatly articulated poem that outlines the narrator’s journey from mortality to immortality. Surprisingly, throughout the passage, the narrator reveals her feelings about death and the infinite through the use of a variety of literary devices. Her diction while using strong symbolic, figurative language like personification, vivid imagery, and metaphors portray a rather calm and different outlook on death far from ordinary.…

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  • Analysis Of Mark Twain's Advice To Little Girls

    devastation of his life was the loss of his father as a young boy (Poole, Primmer, Johnson). Although his life was never luxurious, it even managed to get harder as it went along (“Mark Twain Biography- Encyclopedia”). He faced loss all the way up to his death, which is what shaped him into the man he became. Mark Twain’s Advice to Little Girls exemplifies the ways his life obstacles motivate his humor and sarcasm. The twists and turns of his life left a lasting impression on the astounding…

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  • Summary Of Because I Could Not Stop For Death

    almost eighteen hundred poems, and one of these included “Because I could not stop for Death” (Mays 1187). This particular poem is one of her most popular and that is in part because it allows the audience to analyze the topic of death and the struggle to come to grip with one’s own demise. The concept of Death is humanized within this poem. “He” is portrayed as conductor as much as he is a robber of life; which is death itself. Dickinson uses personification and figurative language to show the…

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  • Death Rituals During The Elizabethan Era

    Death and burial rituals in England during the Elizabethan era were a recognized topic of importance. With the plague spreading, death was rampant resulting in the customs being unsanitary and unsympathetic. However, considering all the medical advances made throughout the years, ceremonies adapted to be a more respectable process. Modern standards of death and burial differ from those in the Elizabethan period, but they were rightfully adjusted for their current circumstances. The bubonic…

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