Arguments Against Active Euthanasia

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Active Euthanasia
Active euthanasia: The active acceleration of a "good" death by use of medications, whether by oneself or with the aid of a doctor ("Definition of active," 2013). Active euthanasia has been a controversial topic for decades. Both the pro side and the con side of the topic have valid moral and ethical points. I am a very firm believer that everyone has the right to their own body and I 100% support the right to privacy. However, I find myself to be torn between the ideas that active euthanasia is morally right and on the contrary, immoral. My mixed emotions on the topic and many other 's mixed emotions lead to the debate over whether “assisted suicides” should be permitted or whether they should be prohibited. I think that every individual’s happiness is of equal value and no one should be forced to suffer; making euthanasia not completely impermissible. Well, at least in my opinion. Still, suicide is against my religious beliefs.
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In the excerpt titled “Active and Passive Euthanasia” Rachels begins a series of arguments for active euthanasia by discussing a situation where a patient is dying of incurable cancer of the throat and is in unbearable pain. It is certain that the patient will pass on in the next couple of days, even with treatment. However, the patient decides that he does not want to continue to bear the pain, even for that short period. Both the patient and his family seek an assisted death. Since it is illegal for doctors to take direct action (which consists of giving the patient a lethal injection) the patient’s treatment is withheld; which is a form of passive euthanasia. In doing so, the patient will almost certainly face even more agony. Also, the patient’s life may be prolonged. While with active euthanasia the process is fairly quick and without pain. So why not consider the better option? Why not support the option that is less painful to the

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