Physician Assisted Death Essay

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In five states, those with a terminal illness and six months or less to live can request a physician-assisted death. A physician-assisted death is when a physician provides a competent, terminally ill patient with a prescription for a lethal dose of medication, upon the patient 's request, which the patient intends to use to end his or her own life (Braddock III ). Besides the tremendous suffering a terminal patient goes through, the financial factor can also be a factor in choosing a physician-assisted death. Typically, those who are terminally ill have some sort of hospice care whether it 's in a facility or at home. There are few people who can afford the costs of hospice care. Once the patient goes through the legal process of obtaining the lethal dose, then they can take it at a time of their choosing. When the prescription has been consumed, they slip in to unconsciousness and the body slowly shuts down which results in their death. Physician-assisted death for the terminally ill allows patients to experience a less painful and traumatic death, while also allowing …show more content…
With a physician-assisted death, they have the choice to pass on sooner and more peacefully. According to “Oregon Death With Dignity Act: 2015 Data Summary,” the most frequent reasons for choosing assisted suicide were a “decreasing ability to participate in activities that made life enjoyable,” a “loss of autonomy,” and a “loss of dignity.” 72% of those who chose assisted suicide had cancer (Harkness). There is a lot of pain they go through towards the end and eventually they 're not able to do anything besides stay in bed before they eventually pass away traumatically. For those who do choose the lethal dose, one third will end up not taking it and allowing the natural death to occur. Having the prescription gives them peace of mind in knowing that if life becomes too unbearable, they have a way

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