Criteria Of Physician Assisted Suicide

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Diana Pretty was suffering terribly from a terminal illness and all she requested was to receive help from her loving husband as well as a physician to commit “Assisted Suicide” and she was denied. Diana and her husband were stunned when they got their answer. They did not understand why she was denied the right to choose her quality of life when her only other choice was to die slowly and painfully while her terminal illness killed her more and more daily. Diana Pretty as well as many others deserve the right to die with dignity in a respectful manner. Those who are suffering immensely deserve the right to CHOOSE and that is exactly why assisted suicide by a physician with permission from the patient should be legal across the U.S. for the …show more content…
It’s not as if every terminally ill patient is being handed death because they are unwilling to try alternatives. Physician assisted suicide is permanent and because of that the physician has to make sure the patients conditions meet the criteria for even being considered for PAS. The patient has to have a disease that is incurable and will result in a severe amount of suffering. They must understand that there are alternatives for comfort, as well as their prognosis. The physician must see that the patient is suffering undoubtedly and not because they are not receiving the proper comfort care. The patient must request death as an alternative repeatedly as well as clearly with free will. The physician has to see that the patient’s judgement is not distorted by any means and finally the physician and patient should only be carried out in context of a meaningful doctor patient relationship meaning ideally that this physician has witnessed the patient suffering previous to their request for PAS. Basically, physician assisted suicide is not just handed out in the states that have legalized it, there are multiple steps and it is a long process. This is not an overnight decision and most patients that do not morally find PAS acceptable won’t proceed through the long

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