Controversy Of Physician Assisted Suicide

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The Controversy of Physician Assisted Suicide According to the Constitution every person has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The statement means no one needs permission to live and each person has the right to do what make him or her happy even if it means dying (Bowden 36). There are many people throughout the United States that believe Physician Assisted Suicide is wrong, however, there are also many people who believe it is a human right. The controversy of PAS can be understood by learning what it is and where it occurs, why it should be legal, and why it should not be legal. PAS occurs when a physician can prescribes a lethal drug to a terminally ill patient who has six months or less to live (“Physician”). …show more content…
Her body was young and healthy but her brain was being eaten away by cancer (Maynard). She lived in California with her husband who she was married to for a little over a year and she was now dying (Maynard). Her headaches and her pain grew stronger every day until she final realised that she needed PAS. She needed PAS because she did not want to be in fear and pain anymore and she wanted to die in peace (Maynard). She knew if she didn’t use PAS that she would stay in hospice for weeks or even mohs and suffer and her family would have to watch it all (Maynard). So her and her husband had to move from California to Oregon and switch their lives around just so she could get PAS (Maynard). She was already sick enough and she shouldn’t have had to switch her life around right before she died but she did because it was not legal where she lived. So she got everything approved to be able to use PAS and she was able to let her family know when she was going to do it and prepare them for it (Maynard). Brittany died in peace like she wanted to and did not have to suffer any longer and that’s why people argue that PAS should be available to all terminally ill patients who wishes for it. People have the right to life or death so if a doctor is willing then no law should step in the way (Bowden

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