The Benefits Of Physician Assisted Suicide

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The word “death” holds so much meaning to every individual on this planet. It can strike fear in many, but for others it can be a release. A release from being trapped in a body that can only feel pain or that cannot feel at all. Many beg for death to never come knocking on their door, while others leave the door unlocked. Why should death be denied to those already dying, if their wish is to no longer suffer under the amount of pain they are under? These people should have the right to decide whether or not to end their lives sooner with the help of Physician Assisted Suicide, rather than to wait and be in constant pain.
PAS, Physician Assisted Suicide, can give them their right to die. It is legal in five states, including Washington and Montana. There are studies that prove terminally ill patients do not feel pain due to PAS (Lachman 57). The patient feels as if he or she is falling asleep, and this can take minutes or hours to take full effect. This lethal medication can be given only to those dying within “six months” and that are choosing the path freely (Lachman 57).
Although many will disagree with me and would rather not have PAS
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Give them the right to end their suffering if they so desire. Let them have their final choice. “If unacceptable suffering persists despite all efforts, then decisionally capable patients should be informed about all legal options that permit a hastened death” (Lachman 56). Let them decide. No one will benefit from their death, but them. If there is no treatment that will cure them or even take the pain away, let them go. No one wants to be helpless and hopeless. These patients should not wait too long from the time they are told that they only have “six months” left to live to make this decision (Lachman 56). For once they go comatose, then they will have no input and their suffering will continue until death takes over. Why would we want to do this to these innocent

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