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  • Brain Tumors: A Case Study

    factor in determining the response of brain tumors to chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Patients over sixty years old have a lower response rate and shorter duration of response than younger patients. Tumor cells from younger patients were sensitive to BCNU, but cells from older patients barely responded to the BCNU. Only a few studies evaluate age as a parameter of response. Older patients may have to take medicine due to chronic illnesses, and this means that there should be special attention to those patients because the drugs could mess up the treatments. Also, older patients have a decreased creatinine clearance that must be considered when calculating the dose of the chemotherapeutic drug (Medscape). Headaches…

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  • Brain Tumor Image Research Paper

    a shape feature extraction of MRI brain tumor image retrieval. We used T1 weighted image of MRI brain tumor images. There are two modules: feature extraction process and classification. First, the shape features are extracted using techniques like Scale invariant feature transform (SIFT), Harris corner detection and Zernike moments. Second, the supervised learning algorithms like Deep neural network (DNN) and Extreme learning machine (ELM) are used to classify the brain tumor images. Experiments…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Radiation Therapy

    Usually, when children have malignant brain tumors, they will need radiation therapy to try to stop the malignant cells from spreading. Doctors try their hardest to postpone radiational therapy in children as it may generate long-term brain effects. When radiation therapy is used, the radiational energy transmitted to the tumor area can affect abnormal tissue as well as normal tissue, which can induce problems. The more tissue area that the doctors choose to radiate, the higher the chance…

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  • Brain Cancer Case Study

    finished his final moments by walking around the border of his backyard, reflecting upon the joys and obstacles he faced through his life, and made his way through the house to each room, looking back upon the memories he made with his family and his “special girl.” My dog, Riley, lost his life to brain cancer. According to Riley’s file at Essington Road Animal Hospital, his weight was fluctuating at a range between 10.8 pounds and 9.6 pounds with great signs of…

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  • Essay On Astrocytoma

    Astrocytoma is one of the most common brain cancers that rise from astrocytes. Astrocytoma is also referred to as gliomas because they come from glial tissues. Astrocytoma is divided into subdivisions: grade I, a noninfiltrating tumor; grade II, it’s a low-grade Astrocytoma and is an infiltrating tumor; grade III, also referred to as Anaplastic (malignant) Astrocytoma because the tumor grows quickly; and grade IBM and it is the most aggressive type of tumor. This topic is important and…

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  • Glioblastoma Multiforme Essay

    Glioblastoma multiforme are tumors that affect glial cells, specifically the oligodendrocytes and astrocytes that aid in the health of the neurons located in the brain. Generally, in most adults, glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) generates in the cerebral hemispheres, especially the temporal and frontal lobe of the brain. Typically, GMS’s emerge in the brain as “de novo”, or newly formed, and transform into lower-grade astrocytomas, or oligodendrogliomas (Rothmans, n.d.). Affecting the nourishing…

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  • Case Study Jordan Radiotherapy

    Jordan’s case quickly becomes serious when his symptoms are investigated and his health concerns become a matter of life and death. The first few symptoms Jordan experienced were relatively minor such as nausea and feeling tired, but they soon developed into vision problems and a constant headache. At this point he decided to seek medical help and many test, such as a blood test, CT scan and eventually a MRI, were run to diagnose Jordan. His initial symptoms could have been diabetes or head…

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  • Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer

    According to scientists, cell phones were marked as “possibly carcinogenic.”(Trottier 1 ) In other words, it means that there may possibly be a link between the use of cell phones and cancer. However, too little time has passed to detect if cell phones can cause cancer, researchers found no evidence of a link between cell phones and brain tumors and there is no evidence from studies that radiofrequency can cause cancer. More and more evidence is showing up that cell phones do not cause cancer.…

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  • A Blind Beagle Summary

    Eventually cataracts were ruled out, but he still had no diagnosis. So we were sent on to make an appointment with an animal opthalmologist for more extensive testing. Meanwhile, there was an inverse relationship occurring in our household: Winnie’s vision worsened, and our worries increased by the day. Once we arrived at the doggy ophthalmologist three days later, the vet specialist did a basic evaluation and although the diagnosis had been narrowed down to two possibilities, the specialist…

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  • Chinsa Ekeanyanwu Personal Statement

    Chinasa Ekeanyanwu No one’s journey to reach their goal is the same. Because of circumstances out of our control some people have a smooth journey and some have it rough. I grew up in a big family. I am the middle child of five children. I never took interest in specifically pharmacy. But because I was kind, patient, and caring I always knew that I wanted a career in the medical field. This all changed the day my father was diagnosed with stage-four brain tumor called Glioblastoma. I was only…

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