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  • Brand Communities

    because of the increased awareness that brands are not just the names, but valuable non-physical assets for the firms. Brand makes it easy for the customers to take their decisions with ease; as it ensures the specific product quality and attains the trust of the customers. Brand logo plays an important role in representing the brand and let the customers remember the brand. What is the purpose of a brand logo beside the representation of a company? This paper discusses the role of a logo in the development of the brand communities and how brand communities differ from the rest of the communities…

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  • Brand Community Research Paper

    Are brand communities similar to other communities? Introduction:- Despite having so many products under the same company, why do not consumers prefer any other product? Why is that Hungry Jacks lovers not visit McDonalds even on cheap Tuesday’s and coffee lovers who prefer Starbucks like to go there for every cup they have all around the world? Why is that Harley Davidson enthusiasts don’t go for a faster bike for the same cost and instead visit all campaigns and rallies held by the brand?…

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  • Essay On Brand Community

    Muniz and O’Guinn (2001) signify that “breakdown of traditional forms of community, coupled with the increase of individualization and symbolic consumption, inevitably leads to the emergence of new forms of community that are vital to our current form conglomeration of an increasingly materialistic capitalist society: brand communities” (Muniz & O 'Guinn, 2001). Community is a prominent concern with intellectual history and social consideration. Brand community represents the enhanced capitalism…

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  • Virtual Presence In Social Media

    organization’s brand. In doing so, this literature review will examine the nature of social media within society. Additionally, it will explore the ways in which organizations utilize the concepts of Online Brand Community (OBC), Brand Public (BP), and Social Recovery (SR) to establish identity, to attract loyal consumers, and increase online purchase intentions for their brands, through the channels of social media (Kelley, & Alden, 2016). Also, it is important to note that the remainder of…

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  • Reflection On The Practicum Companion

    on working with organizations, communities, and policies in social work. One of the main points discussed was ethics. Our ethics are an important factor, especially when it comes to work with communities, organizations, and specific policies. We must always keep our code of ethics in mind when working with these types of settings. Another important factor discussed as learning the business behind working in communities, organizations and polices. Every aspect of the factors that it takes to work…

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  • The Importance Of Education At Saint Benedict School

    Board Overview (2 Interviews) The Board of Directors is made up of individuals who believe in the value of an education at Saint Benedict School and wish to see the school reach its maximum potential. “If you want the best for your kids – this is it.” Members agreed that the school’s strengths include: • Strong student participation in the community “The kids are happy, educated, and well rounded. They participate in the faith community and in the larger community.” • A caring, community…

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  • Community Case Studies

    This case study of my community has been extremely interesting for me to research. I was confident that I was aware of the health of my community. I did not think that I would discover too many differences between my Walk About and my discoveries from my research. I was unsure if my informants from my Site Visit would have much to add to my research. Since, I was only aware of my informants at The Salvation Army providing clothes to my community. Now that I have completed my Walk About, my…

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  • Essay On Counterfeit Community

    According to Freie, community is an important concept when considering sociology. He states that a community “is continually changing and adapting to challenges in the environment and is created over time as people form connections with each other, develop trust and respect for each other, and create a sense of common purpose” (Freie,1998, p. 21). Therefore, genuine communities involve human relationships where people are actively participating and cooperating with each other to create self…

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  • Community Detection Essay

    different social activities. The community detection in such mul- tidimensional social networks has attracted a lot of attention in the resent years. When dealing with these networks the concept of community de- tection changes to be, the discovery of the shared group structure across all network dimensions such that members in the same group interact with each other more frequently than those outside the group. Most of the studies presented on the topic of…

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  • Revitalization Research Paper

    Kaiyana Byrdsong English 11 September 1, 2016 4TH Period Revitalization In many places around the country there are areas that are falling apart and becoming run down. Most of these areas are poor cities that are suffering from poverty. People within the community are trying to bring their city back to life and help end poverty by fixing neighborhoods and building newer buildings. This process is known as revitalization. Because revitalization brings in more businesses, involves the community…

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