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  • Sakakeeny Roll With It Analysis

    In Roll With It: Brass Bands in the Streets of New Orleans, Matt Sakakeeny explores how New Orleans is very different from the other stereotypical American city as he writes about it as “utilize voices and instruments as technologies for producing subjectivity, identity, and culture” (p.6). Sakakeeny also uses fieldwork to learn about and explain different power-related processes, such as personal and professional mobility, which will be discussed in greater detail. Because Sakakeeny’s approach of fieldwork has multiple potential benefits and few drawbacks, when exploring the theme of personal and professional mobility and how that relates to power, our conception of New Orleans society shaped into a fuller picture. To understand how Sakakeeny’s…

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  • Process Essay: What's A Trumpet?

    What exactly is a trumpet? A brass instrument? A trumpet is much more than just a high pitched brass instrument; it is the heart of every marching and pep band and makes a statement in every song it is played in. This is why when considering the purchase of a trumpet the mechanics, tone, and reputation of the brand must but taken into account. There are a lot of trumpets out there, some from reputable brands and some that are more or less the same quality as the plastic trumpets that can be…

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  • Bravery In The Civil War

    and fifes were not the only musical sound during the war; there was plenty of brass instruments accompanied by bands and voices singing together. The music and bravery from the soldiers went together beautifully. The soldiers feared dying in battle but with a little music could boost their adrenaline.…

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  • Essay On Orchestra

    In today’s society we are easily accompanied by a band and less by an orchestra. Many people believes that a band and an orchestra is merely alike. This assumption is due to similar musical instruments, but in all reality an orchestra is a more advanced and diverse group with a very different sound. This specific group gives off the sound of classical music and is usually performed at a concert or a classical event. The orchestra deprived its name from the Greek word "orcheisthai," which means…

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  • Russian Christmas Music Analysis

    Listening to this piece brings back many memories from a high school All state year that Dr. John Lynch was conducting the band. I remember seeing and hearing this piece for the first time, loving every moment of rehearsal and simply relishing in the moment. Throughout there is such beauty and richness reminding me of Russian Christmas Music by Alfred Reed. The opening idea is beautifully orchestrated and the bells chiming allows for my imagination to wander to depict a scene of a town amidst…

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  • Sartell High School Pops Concert Report

    7th at 7:30 p.m. The performance took place in the Sartell High School Auditorium and featured performances by the Sartell Concert Band and the Sartell Wind Ensemble. The music selections featured, as the name would suggest, primarily popular pieces, including movie themes and Broadway medleys. I will be evaluating the performance of the Concert Band. Their pieces included “Pippin”, “Jurassic Park”, “Alan Silvestri: A Night at the Movies”, and “Music from Pirates of the Caribbean”. The first…

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  • Marching Band Speeches

    Let’s Band Together Ever since I saw a high school band perform for us during an assembly, I’ve wanted to be a part of the band experience. I’ve been waiting for today all summer, today I get to pick which instrument I get to play. I’m not even the slightest bit mad that I have to go to my school a day before school even starts. As I walk into my elementary school, I proudly remember that I’ve gone to this school for years. It feels good knowing I get to finally be a fifth grader and rule the…

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  • Band Section Leadership Report

    1. Have you served in this position before? If you have, what went right, what went wrong? If you haven’t, did you interview? Why or why not? If you weren’t selected, why do you think that was? I have previously served as a section leader for two years, and would say the trumpet section has made good progress over this school year. With the little number of trumpet members in the band, the section has done a lot to step up to the occasion and play the part that may have called for double…

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  • The Band Of Brothers: The Paris Incident By John Phillip Sousa

    The first selection of the evening was Band of Brothers by Micheal Kamen. This song has an intense melody with rhythmic harmony throughout the performance. The song has a very uplifting tempo that drove it along. Near the end of the song, the tempo slows down and then picks back up to create a grand finale. The triumphant sound created by the percussions was very influential to me, and made me think of unity. As the different instruments meshed together to create a beautiful sound this caused me…

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  • Summary: A Concerted Effort

    introduction. Kahn in his intro explained how he collaborated with Jerome Fleg’s Orchestra for years. Khan also named each of soloist’s performing in the show. He mentioned how each of the two soloists’ earned their solo, by winning the 2016 Concerto Competition at Sonoma State University. The two soloists who won the 2016 Concerto Competition was Megan Rice who plays the Saxophone and Zachary Hall who plays the Trumpet. The other soloist who played that night was Aaron Westman who played…

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