Virtual Presence In Social Media

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Literature Review
In recent years, considerable technological advances have occurred, creating a boundless online-connection within our society, using Social Networking Sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat; to name a few. As a result, people all around the world are more connected than ever before. People literally have the ability to communicate and create strong ties with someone in Japan, the same as they could with someone who lives next door to them. How is this connectivity useful for organizations seeking to attract “loyal consumers” and to positively affect “online purchase intentions” (Schaefers, & Schamari. 2016)? The answer to this question is embedded in the social nature of Social Networking Sites. The intent
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On the other hand, if social recovery is unsuccessful, virtual presence does not negatively affect an organizations ability to attract consumers or increase purchase intentions. Unsuccessful Social Recovery that involves interactive virtual presence will most likely negatively affect the ability to attract consumers and increase purchase intentions. Interactive virtual presence apparently has more of an effect on purchase intentions than mere virtual presence. However, if for some reason, interactive virtual presence takes a negative stance on an organization’s successful Social Recovery, it will not override the positive consequence of that success.
All in all, the effects of virtual presence can be explained using the Social Influence Theory (SIT). “SIT proposes three social forces —size, proximity, and source strength—as determinants of social presence effects” (Latane ' 1981, as cited in Schaefers, & Schamari, 2016).
If organizations succeed with service recovery, the mere virtual presence of others enhances positive consequences and this is one of the ways organizations utilize to attract consumers and increase purchase

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