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  • Essay On Neoplasm

    The term neoplasm refers to tumors that are masses or growths that arise from normal tissue. Can a growth occur at any time in life? Are all neoplasms life-threatening? Explain in your own words why or why not. The term neoplasm refers to an abnormal growth of tissue caused by the quick division of cells that have undergone some form of change. The body is made up of trillions of cells that grow, divide, and die in an orderly fashion. This process is a strongly controlled one that is controlled by the DNA equipment within the cell. When a person is growing up, the cells of the body rapidly divide, but once adulthood is reached, cells generally only divide to replace worn-out, dying cells or to repair injured cells. Neoplasia describes when these cells multiply in an abnormal manner that is not matched with the surrounding tissue. These rogue cells (neoplastic cells) cannot be controlled in the way that normal cells can because they do not die when they should and they divide more quickly and that could happen with anyone anytime during the life. As this extreme growth persists, a lump or tumor that has no purpose or function in the body is eventually formed. This is referred to as a neoplasm and it may be non-cancerous (benign), pre-cancerous (pre-malignant) or cancerous (malignant).…

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  • Teratoma Research Paper

    Cancer Medicine (Oncology) Cancer cells arise from different normal cells, thus when the normal cells become abnormal, it allows the cancer cells to grow out of control. Cancers can start almost anywhere in the human body, it can occur in any tissue and at any time of life, but mostly, elders have the highest risk. Cancers are called neoplasm because neoplasm is new growths that arise from normal tissue. Furthermore, there are two different characteristics of neoplasm: benign and…

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  • Neoplasm Essay

    Breast cancer and neoplasm begin with a damaged part of a cell’s DNA that continues to get transcribed and replicated. According to the National Cancer Institute, 12% of woman will develop breast cancer in their lifetime (2015). The rate of diagnoses of breast cancer has leveled off in this past decade, and the mortality rate has decreased recently. However, it remains the second leading cause of death in women, second to lung cancer (National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of…

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  • Endometrial Hyperplasia Research Paper

    The most common risk factors include exogenous estrogen , the polycystic ovarian syndrome, ovarian neoplasm, obesity, infertility and late menopause. The two other risk factors, diabetes mellitus and hypertension are considered as a consequence of obesity and not a direct cause of endometrial…

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  • Desmoplastic Ameloblastoma Case Study

    For proper understanding of such cases, more in depth analysis and long term follow up is required. The clinician has to be alert regarding the unusual presentation of this neoplasm and should include desmoplastic ameloblastoma as differential diagnosis in any lesion ranging from simple abscess to any fibro-osseous lesions/neoplastic growth presenting in anterior maxilla/mandible. The definite diagnosis requires histopathological examination. Also with the potential for recurrence, such cases…

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  • Diffuse Optical Tomography Essay

    Diffuse Optical Tomography is non invasive, non ionizing functional imaging modality used for detection of brain tumor and breast cancer. A forward model design depicts the placement of laser source and photo-detector around the tissue boundary. The light propagation on the phantom takes place in Near-Infra-Red wavelength. The incident light on the tissue boundary was absorbed and scattered. The scattered rays are detected by the photo-detector and scattered voltage of the tissue was measured.…

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  • Brain Tumor Research Paper

    A brain tumor is a mass of tissue that is formed by an increase of abnormal cells (Web MD). When cells in your body die, they normally get replaced by new cells. However, if the brain has a tumor or any type of cancerous cell, this will be affected and new cells may not grow. Most tumor cells increase in size and unlike regular cells in the body, they do not die. There are two types of brain tumors; the first is Malignant Brain Tumor, this forms within the brain and is common that the tumor will…

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  • Challenges Of Nanotechnology

    Conventional chemotherapy delivers therapeutic agents to the cancerous cells to reduce their growth but the non-specificity of the drug affect normal cells as well (Sutradhar & Amin, 2014). Thus, the main challenge here is to design a specific drug delivery system to cancerous cells only (Sutradhar & Amin, 2014). The use of nanotechnology can provide a specific drug delivery system and overcome the challenges faced. Nanotechnology is a field that covers various areas such as biology,…

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  • Drosophila Melanogaster Lab Report

    The simple but revolutionary organism Drosophila melanogaster has intricate properties that are studied to find its relations with human genes. Not only is D. melanogaster a model organism for its rapid growth, inexpensive culturing, and easy modifications, the Drosophila can provide more in-depth scientific analysis that can solve human diseases. The model organism D. melanogaster is studied to find ground-breaking research in neurology, sleep, cancer, and drug discovery. The multivariable…

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  • Celator Pharmaceuticals Mission Statement Analysis

    Celator Pharmaceuticals: Mission Statement Analysis Affordable access to drugs is essential for helping the developing world. As somebody with a strong interest in developing African communities, I am naturally interested in pharmaceutical manufacturing companies that are creating new ways to treat diseases throughout the world as well as in Africa. For these reasons, I have chosen to analyze the mission statement of Celator Pharmaceuticals Incorporated. Celator is a company that is designing…

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